CX Summit
North America

CX, B2C Marketing, & Digital Business Leaders

June 17 – 20, 2024  |  Nashville & Digital

Content Highlights

CX Summit North America 2024 will bring immersive experiences that provide invaluable insights and actionable advice to drive better business results. During the event, we’ll give you guidance on how to grow your vision, improve your strategy, hone your skills and expand your community. We are excited to offer you:

  • 60+ role-based sessions aligned to your priorities.
  • Numerous session formats to meet your learning style including analyst presentations, panel discussions, fireside chats and more.
  • Marketplace opportunities to help you find the right solution provider for your CX, marketing, and digital needs.
  • Networking opportunities to help you expand your community, meet with Forrester analysts and connect with peers facing similar challenges.

Key Topics

  • Customer Analytics
  • Consumer Insights
  • Brand Marketing
  • Organization Structure And Practices
  • Emerging Technology
  • Employee Experience
  • Customer Experiences And Strategy
  • Measurement
  • Leadership
  • Diversity & Inclusion

Track Themes

The Future Of Humans + AI

Successful organizations dont focus on AI alone they build partnerships of humans + AI to create teams that perform better than either one alone. These sessions will explore human + AI partnerships that can benefit customers, employees, and organizations. Participants will gain insights into the changing dynamics and challenges that arise in this new era. 

Analytical Alchemy: Transform Data Into Value 

Data is abundant in the digital age, but companies struggle to unlock its value by turning it into insights-driven actions. These sessions will provide practical guidance on how to collect, analyze, and act on data to drive customer-centric decision-making and business growth. 

Human-Centered, AI-Ready Leadership 

Leading organizations through the AI revolution requires a unique set of skills and competencies. These sessions will empower leaders to navigate the magic and mayhem of AI. Attendees will gain insights into how to foster innovation, build high-performing teams, and drive organizational change. 

AI Everywhere?

Customer experience (CX), marketing, and digital leaders are suddenly responsible for infusing AI into their strategies. And there is no shortage of solutions promising to use AI to deliver better experiences or higher engagement. This track will provide CX, marketing, and digital leaders with the knowledge to assess where AI fits into their initiatives and how to ensure that the AI technology they adopt delivers value to the organization. 

Better Together: CX + Digital + Marketing

Effectively align customer experience (CX), digital, and marketing strategies to differentiate experiences for customers and drive growth. Explore opportunities and learn best practices through real-world examples. 

Deliver Experiences At Digital Speed 

Customer expectations for instant interactions reshape the notion of being customer-centric. These sessions explore how organizations can maintain a customer-focused approach by leveraging the power of AI. Participants will learn strategies for designing and delivering personalized experiences that match customer expectations and drive loyalty. 

The GenAI Trust Imperative

The possibilities of generative AI (genAI) elicit both excitement and fear. At the heart of this emotional dichotomy is trust. Can I trust that, as AI does good things, it wont also do bad things to me, to my brand, and to society at large? This track explores how to build consumer trust and deliver market value while advancing your genAI agenda. 

Our Leadership Focus

Who they are: Chief Customer Officer; Chief Experience Officer; Chief Client Officer; EVP, SVP, and VP of Customer Experience; Director of Customer Experience; VP/Director of Customer Intelligence (CI)

Key Priorities:

  • Establish, Fund, And Scale The CX Function
  • Collect And Analyze Data For Customer Insights
  • Embed Customer Insights Into The Business
  • Design Experiences That Drive Loyalty
  • Enable CX With Technology
  • Measure CX Performance And Prove ROI

Who they are: Chief Marketing Officer; Chief Brand Officer; SVP Marketing & Communications; Regional/Divisional Head/(S)VP of Marketing

Key Priorities:

  • Demonstrate The Business Value Of Marketing
  • Earn Brand Devotion
  • Champion The Customer
  • Lead A High-Performing Team
  • Modernize Marketing Capabilities
  • Select And Optimize Partnerships Innovate Go-To-Market Approaches

Who they are: Head/VP/Director of Digital Strategy; Head/VP/Director of Digital Business; Head/VP/Director of Digital Products & Solutions; Head/VP/Director of Digital Channels; Head/VP/Director of Digital; Head/VP/Director of eCommerce; Head/VP/Director of Omnichannel

Key Priorities:

  • Develop The Digital Strategy
  • Grow The Digital Team
  • Collect And Analyze Data For Customer Insights
  • Power Your Business With Platforms And Partners
  • Design And Develop Digital Products And Experiences
  • Measure The Value Of Digital Products And Experiences
  • Harness Emerging Technologies

CX Summit North America · June 17 – 20, 2024 · Nashville & Digital