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Success isn't driven simply by having the right plan. More often than not, success depends on how well you execute. But complex programs don't happen every day: They are new, complex, and risky. You need playbooks based on best practices to minimize risk and accelerate success.

Imperative Playbooks

Insights, frameworks, and decision tools tailored to your organization's maturity to help you and your teams take on the unavoidable business challenges to customer obsession, minimize risk, and drive growth.

  • The Insights-Driven Business Playbook

    The Insights-Driven Business Playbook

    Harnessing and applying data and analytics at every opportunity to differentiate your products and customer experiences is fast becoming a prerequisite for success. But setting up the technology foundation, restructuring teams, evolving processes, and transforming cultural norms to become an insights-driven business isn't easy. The insights-driven business playbook provides executives leading data, analytics, and insights initiatives Forrester's framework for how to complete this journey successfully.

  • The CX Transformation Playbook

    The CX Transformation Playbook

    A laser-like focus on customer experience (CX) is the best path to business success. Forrester has proven this by analyzing major brands' financial results and showing that they correlate with how customers perceive their interactions with those brands. Few companies have achieved that focus — for most, it will require a journey of deep transformation toward a new mindset and a new way of operating. The CX transformation playbook is Forrester's framework for how to complete this journey successfully.

  • The IT Transformation Playbook

    The IT Transformation Playbook

    CIOs and CTOs have a mandate to improve the technology foundations and innovations required to win, serve, and retain customers — what Forrester calls business technology (BT). For most, it will require IT transformation and embarking on a journey to transform the underlying governance, people, and processes required to deliver that transformation. The IT transformation playbook is Forrester's framework for how to complete this journey successfully in an unforgiving market.

  • The Cybersecurity And Privacy Playbook

    The Cybersecurity And Privacy Playbook

    Today, CIOs and CTOs are transforming the foundations of their business with technology; for that transformation to succeed, you must transform your cybersecurity and privacy practices simultaneously. This playbook provides Forrester's framework for securing your customers, protecting your brand, and driving differentiation.

  • The Digital Business Playbook

    The Digital Business Playbook

    To compete in the age of the customer, your firm must become a digital business. As a digital business leader, it’s your job to shape how. You must enhance your digital customer experience while also driving agility and efficiency through digital operational excellence. You must champion innovation and thrive within a wider digital ecosystem. This is a tough challenge. Few firms have made the transformation, and many more will fall along the way. This playbook shows you how to drive digital business transformation in your firm.


Insights, frameworks, and decision tools to help you lead change with your important business and technology initiatives.