Planning Guides 2023

Mixed economic signals and fluctuating markets are complicating this planning season. Explore our planning guides and other resources for detailed recommendations on where to invest, where to pull back, and where to experiment for success. Find guidance tailored to technology, marketing, CX, sales, digital, and product leaders.

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Want To Improve Employees’ Insights-Driven Decision-Making? Data Literacy Programs Alone Won’t Help

In their quest to become insights-driven, tech execs rely on data literacy programs to change employee behavior. But it takes more to move the needle.

Adopt Inclusive Design Practices That Put Users First This Holiday Season

Incorporate inclusive design this holiday season by prioritizing digital accessibility, using inclusive language, and showing that you care.

How Leaders Are Tackling Their Most Pressing Priorities

Discover how leaders like you are staying ahead of change, tackling their top priorities, and readying their teams to deliver results in record time.


An Inside Look At Forrester’s Top 10 Emerging Technologies Report

Which emerging technologies should be on your radar in the year ahead? VP, Emerging Tech Portfolio Brian Hopkins and VP, Principal Analyst Julie Ask walk through Forrester’s list of the top 10 emerging technologies to watch.
Top 10 Emerging Technologies Report

Predictions 2023 Insights

Forrester’s predictions help business leaders see what’s coming and what’s most critical for business success. Read on to explore market-defining trends in emerging technology, consumer behavior, B2B sales, customer experience, and much more.


Predictions 2023: Evolving Risks And Recession Fears Will Redefine Insurer Strategies

Ellen Carney 4 days ago
The global insurance industry will face a challenging market in 2023, with policy lapses, lower IT spending, and insurtech turbulence.

Predictions 2023: Amid Market Turbulence, Professional Guidance Comes Back Into Vogue

Vijay Raghavan November 17, 2022
Wealth management firms with both digitally savvy financial advisors and digital financial advice will be best suited to win over skittish investors and convert them into profitable, long-term customers.

Turn 2023 Predictions Into Bold Action

Join us for Predictions 2023 Live to learn how to focus your priorities for success in the year ahead.

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