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A Billion Mobile Sites Spark No Joy

Responsive Retrofits Aren't Enough To Serve Customers In Their Mobile Moments Of Need

September 29th, 2016
Danielle Jessee, null
Danielle Jessee
With contributors:
Martin Gill , Julie Ask , Thomas Husson , Michael Facemire , Mark Grannan , Allison Cazalet , Peter Harrison


Everybody has their favorite apps. But can you name even three mobile websites you like? We can't. It's because responsive retrofits to 20-year-old desktop web designs fail to serve us in our mobile moments of need. That's a shame because even with lousy sites, web traffic around the world will be majority-mobile by 2019. eBusiness pros have a choice: Hand your mobile moments over to a bunch of apps you don't own, or do a radical reset of your mobile web strategy. This report carries the evidence to convince your company to make your mobile website a first-class citizen.

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