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How To Risk-Proof Your Culture For CRM

Use Best Practices And Our Risk Evaluation Tool To Steer Clear Of Perils

February 27, 2009

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In today's difficult economic climate, CRM professionals cannot afford failed business process and technology projects. To pinpoint the real-world pitfalls that can trip up CRM initiatives, Forrester surveyed 133 organizations using one of 24 leading CRM solutions. Out of all the problems reported, 22% related to "people" issues. Looking deeper into this category of dangers, we found the most significant threats are: slow user adoption (49%); inadequate attention paid to change management and training (36%); and difficulties in aligning the organizational culture with new ways of working (15%). Use Forrester's CRM project risk evaluation criteria and self-assessment tool to anticipate, and remediate, problems applying best practices. Also apply our five principles for CRM success to get the most value, with the least risk, from your customer management projects.

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Table of Contents

  • Managing Risk Provides The Ballast For Successful CRM Initiatives
  • Hundreds Of Shoals Can Sink Your Project
  • Risk-Proofing Your Culture: Get Captain And Crew Aligned For Victory
  • recommendations

  • Follow Forrester's Five Principles For CRM Success
  • Supplemental Material