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New Tech: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, And Mixed Reality, Q1 2019

Forrester's Landscape Overview Of 21 AR, VR, And MR Providers

January 23, 2019


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Augmented, virtual, and mixed reality (AR, VR, and MR, collectively "extended reality" or "XR") are trendy technologies that are fuel for many companies' innovation experiments. However, XR implementations are often expensive and underwhelming. Looking at successful use cases across industries, they seem very disparate at first glance. However, Forrester has identified four benefits unique to XR. This report outlines how CIOs can test their use case against these benefits to see if XR is a viable solution and gives a snapshot of XR players.

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Table of Contents

  • XR Is (Almost) Ready For Prime Time, But Most Firms Aren't
  • Established Vendors Are Building Out XR Offerings
  • The Hype Around XR Has Cooled Off
  • Funding, Tenure, And Employee Count Determine Vendor Maturity
  • Vendors Focus On AR, VR, Or MR And Range From DIY To Full-Service
  • Recommendations

  • Move Slowly And Thoughtfully To Ensure A Successful Implementation
  • Supplemental Material
  • Related Research Documents

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