Trends Report

How To Get Ready For Change

Put "People Change" Front And Center

March 13th, 2013
Claire Schooley, null
Claire Schooley
With contributors:
Connie Moore , Nancy Wang


Change management is an ongoing organizational process due to the continual change that characterizes today's business. The repercussions of not handling change well include lost revenue, lower staff morale and productivity, and even unwanted employee departures. Ineffective change management often lies in the process of preparing the people affected by change rather than the technology implementation plans. People are the critical factor, whether they're employees, customers, channel partners, or other external stakeholders. Companies are not preparing their people for change early enough or well enough; they need to implement a multifaceted series of activities ranging from management communication about why change is needed to in-depth training appropriate for employee roles. This report describes the components and activities that need to be in place during the change preparation phase and outlines a step-by-step process for how to implement them.

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