B2B Summit

September 19 – 20, 2023  |  Singapore & Digital


B2B Return on Integration Honors

The 2023 B2B Return on Integration Honors showcase organizations that have achieved strong sales, marketing and/or product alignment, and as a result have improved company performance. Only one organization in APAC achieves this honor each year.

Congratulations to our 2023 Return on Integration Honors award winner.

B2B Programs of the Year

Forrester is delighted to announce the winners for the highly anticipated B2B Program Of The Year (POY) Awards. Programs of the Year awards recognize outstanding achievements in a particular area in marketing functions based on the successful implementation of research, frameworks, and best practices to improve functional performance.

Congratulations to our 2023 Programs of the Year award winners.



Executive Leadership Exchange

For Qualified Attendees

The Executive Leadership Exchange (ELE) is an invitation-only program for up to 50 qualified C-Level marketing executives. The program will expand on the Forrester thought leadership presented at the conference and create a private senior executive network supporting leaders’ priorities. Facilitated networking sessions will be offered that target best practices aligned to executive priorities.

This program is offered by invitation/application only. Invitations will be extended closer to the event date. To be approved to attend, applicants must be C-Level and not report into any higher marketing executive in their organization. Please contact events@forrester.com with any questions.

Exclusive Agenda

Recommended Executive Agenda

Take Forrester’s guidance on which sessions to attend as a marketing leader for the entire conference.

Private Executive Session

Attend private sessions featuring exclusive-panels and presentations from Forrester analysts.

See below for an overview.

Analyst Access

Priority Analyst 1:1 Booking

Receive priority booking for 1:1 networking and guidance meetings with our best-in-class analysts & experts.

Exclusive Analyst Networking Sessions and Receptions

Identify challenges and solve problems in small group collaborations with Forrester Experts, and enjoy premium reception and dining experiences with peers.


Private Executive Discussions

Facilitated by Forrester team members who specialize in leading C-level networking discussions pointed at meaningful outcomes.


Detailed Agenda

Tuesday, September 19

10:50 a.m. — Meet Your Peers: Exclusive ELE Welcome Reception 

As Summit 2023 kicks off, we invite you to join the Forrester team and your fellow ELE delegates.

Mavis Liew and Dane Anderson from Forrester will provide some opening remarks and a preview of the content and sessions you can look forward to at Summit.

12:25 p.m. — Exclusive ELE Lunch with the Forrester B2B Analysts

Connect with other members of the Executive Leadership Exchange at this private lunch.​

4:30 p.m. — Marketplace Break : Marketplace Meetups

Forrester analysts will personally bring ELE attendees to meet and greet with event sponsors.

6:00 p.m. — Exclusive ELE/VIP Cocktail & Dinner Reception

Please join us on Tuesday evening for an exclusive dinner for the Executive Leadership Exchange and VIP attendees.

Wednesday, September 20th

8:00 a.m. — Exclusive ELE Breakfast

Connect with other members of the Executive Leadership Exchange at this private breakfast.


10:50 a.m. — Executive Leadership Exchange Private Session with Award Winners

Some of our Summit 2023 award winners will tell their stories of success. ELE attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss key aspects of their journeys.

Forrester Women’s Leadership Program

Women’s Leadership Lunch & Program

Despite evidence that more diversity in leadership boosts business performance, women remain underrepresented in all levels of management. In the last two decades, a significant amount of money and time has been spent in efforts to diversify the B2B and tech workforces. Although progress is happening, it is not fast enough. More must be done to drive change and advancement for women in the workplace.

Please join Alisha Coates, director and principal consultant with Forrester’s APAC Consulting practice, for a fireside chat with two of the most influential female leaders in the Asia Pacific. Louise Sabariaga, Chief Marketing Officer of Growth Markets at Accenture, and Jezmynn Koh-Turner, VP of Marketing for Asia Pacific at Fujitsu, will share with attendees of the Forrester Women’s Leadership Program their stories of how they pushed boundaries and rose to the top of their respective industries.



11:55 a.m. — Opening Remarks from Alisha Coates

Join Alisha Coates, Director and Principal Consultant, as we kick off Forrester’s Womens Leadership Program 2023.

12:00 — 12:30 p.m. — Fireside Chat & Q&A 

Please join Alisha Coates, Forrester, Louise Sabariaga, Chief Marketing Officer of Growth Markets at Accenture, and Jezmynn Koh-Turner, VP of Marketing for Asia Pacific at Fujitsu, as they share their stories of how they pushed boundaries and rose to the top of their respective industries.


Louise Sabariaga

Jezmynn Koh-Turner

12:30 – 12:50 p.m. — Topic Table Discussions 

Come together with your peers for focused, facilitated discussions on key issues and topics for women leaders

12:50 – 12:55 p.m. — Closing Remarks 

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Are Part Of The Fabric Of Forrester’s Culture. We Are Excited To Share That This Year’s Program Includes Sessions Dedicated To A Number Of Important Areas Of Focus As It Relates To Diversity And Inclusion.


Preserving Your Corporate Values In Tough Times

Karen Tran, Forrester 

When a company is tested by external threats like a recession, it’s imperative to stay true to its purpose to weather the storm. From economic instability to political and social eruptions, how do brands hold to their values when faced with difficult decisions? This session will provide the following benefits:

  • Learn how to leverage your brand purpose for making difficult business decisions
  • Understand the CMO’s role in protecting the brand and advocating for corporate values

Fostering Career Growth In Portfolio Marketing

John Buten, Forrester 

To make an impact, portfolio marketers must build capable, motivated teams. We will look at the unique challenges of developing skills in portfolio marketing. We will also review best practices for motivating teams to invest in personal professional development. This session will provide the following benefits:

  • Understand the steps for fostering growth in your portfolio marketing team
  • Provide guidance on practices that enable teams to take charge of their growth

Fireside Chat: Inner Master, Outer Impact: Lessons in Leadership 

Hitendra Wadhwa, Founder, Mentora Institute with Ash Mukherjee, Forrester 

Hitendra’s mission is to discover, codify, and explore the laws of success in life and leadership. With an MBA and Ph.D. from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, Wadhwa brings a mathematician’s rigor and a truth-seeker’s spirit to some of today’s most vexing questions about authenticity, success, leadership, and human potential. In this conversation, we’ll explore with Hitendra his personal journey of discovery, his insights, and his recommendations for defining, and then achieving purpose, and how you can be a better leader with Cultural Intelligence.

Design Responsible Commerce Experiences

Gina Bhawalkar, Forrester 

Digital acceleration has raised the stakes for trust in digital experiences. Yet many commerce experiences erode trust by failing to prioritize accessibility, privacy, inclusion, transparency, well-being, and other ethical principles, suffering reputational damage and lost sales as a result. Practicing responsible design ensures that experiences are aligned with the ethical principles your company is committed to and creates opportunity for differentiation and growth. Attend this session to: 

  • Understand the principles for designing responsibly. 
  • Learn best practices to activate these principles in your design process.

The Evolving Drivers Behind Accessibility Commitments: Attracting And Retaining Talent Enters The Spotlight

Sarah Bernard, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Inclusively, Charlotte Dales, Co-Founder & CEO, Inclusively, Gina Bhawalkar, Forrester

Compliance and avoiding lawsuits are no longer the primary drivers behind enterprise accessibility commitments. In this panel session we will discuss why firms increasingly cite “attracting and retaining talent” as a top driver behind accessibility commitments and the best practices to deliver on those commitments. You will learn:

  • The myths of providing accommodations and how to manage an increasing number of requests from employees
  • How companies personalize their employee value proposition at scale
  • Why a “one size fits all” approach to accessibility doesn’t work and why having a strong, accessible, culture can be the difference between a productive employee base versus and unsatisfied one

Fireside Chat: Resilience, Growth Mindset And Self-Care: A Leadership Journey

Monica Carlesso, Head of Product – Authentication & Identity, Lloyds Banking with Ash Mukherjee, Forrester

A personal & professional journey that has seen this Product Leader succeed across multiple industries, geographies and at the intersection of technological & business disruption. In this fireside chat, Ash Mukherjee will discuss with Monica Carlesso how she has grown as leader by embracing curiosity and displayed grit to open to be constantly out of the comfort zone yet has learnt how self-care is key to leadership and a sustainable growth. Modern leadership is about embracing change and dichotomies, both as strategic business levers but also to lead compassionately through massive societal changes and Monica will share her story with Ash. 
During this session, we will discuss:  

  •  A product leader’s journey across different industries and geographies, exploring challenges and implications
  • How to overcome the bumps of a growth journey with curiosity, grit and self-care.


Bring Your Team

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