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October 13 – 14, 2022  |  London & Digital Experience

The Technology Strategy Impact and Enterprise Architecture Awards recognizes excellence in technology strategy that drives an obsession with customer success and business growth.

The following reports define the key concepts at the core of Forrester Technology Awards.

Technology Strategy Impact Awards

Thursday, October 13, 4:30 pm – 5:00 pm BST

This award recognizes a technology organization that has set and executed a Future Fit Tech Strategy in order to enable its firm to achieve a high level of customer obsession. Customer obsessed firms grow their revenue at a pace that is radically higher than their competitors while realizing higher profitability, customer retention, and employee engagement than non-customer obsessed firms. 

The Technology Strategy Impact Award recipient will demonstrate:

  • A technology strategy that enables the firm’s customer obsession: an enterprise-wide technology strategy that puts the customer at the center of the firm’s operating model.
  • A high performing IT operating model that leverages a continuous, iterative, and integrated strategy-to-value delivery process linking business objectives, through business capabilities, with end-to-end value streams. 
  • A mastery at: leveraging (at scale) modern technology platforms, adaptive business and technology practices, and co-innovation partners. These in turn enable competitive differentiation, accelerate time to value, and sustain delivery against the brand promise despite future disruptions.

Submissions are now closed for 2022.

Enterprise Architecture Award

Friday, October 14, 1:30 pm –  2:00 pm BST

This award recognizes organizations that have achieved a high level of mastery in outcome-driven Enterprise Architecture (EA) practices. The recipients of this award can demonstrate their EA practice’s material contribution to their firms becoming more adaptive, creative, and resilient, ultimately improving business outcomes.

The Forrester Enterprise Architecture Award Recipient will demonstrate:

  • An EA roadmap that contributes to its technology organization’s and its entire business’ Future Fitness.
  • EA practices that drive change, growth, and differentiation through timely yet strategic decisions.
  • An EA organization that embodies six principles: accountable, agile, continuous, influential, pragmatic, valuable.
  • EA metrics that focus on customer outcomes and experiences.

Your submission will be judged against the actions you have taken to become future fit and the results achieved.

Submissions are now closed for 2022.

Technology & Innovation EMEA · October 13 – 14, 2022 · London & Digital Experience

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