Forrester Awards

Forrester Awards honor organizations that successfully implement strategies and initiatives to maximize customer value and accelerate their business outcomes. Nominate your enterprise to celebrate your organization’s achievements in driving customer-obsessed growth initiatives.

Leaders across functions including B2B marketing, product, and sales; B2C marketing, customer experience (CX), and digital business; and technology and security & risk are encouraged to apply to Forrester Awards.

Only The Best Are Awarded

Rigor lies at the heart of our selection process. The evaluation criteria for the Forrester Awards typically include factors such as customer centricity, innovation, impact on business outcomes, and the use of technology to enhance the customer experience. Winners are selected by a panel of expert judges who assess the nominees based on these criteria.

What’s In It For You?

Bragging rights and prominence are just the beginning. Winning a Forrester Award is a prestigious accomplishment that shows industry recognition for a company’s efforts in driving innovative customer centricity. Winners share their success stories on stage at Forrester events and are featured prominently in event promotions.

Customer Obsession Awards

Presented annually at Forrester’s CX Summit — apply now and learn more:

Customer-Obsessed Enterprise Awards

Is your enterprise customer-obsessed? This award showcases companies that prioritize customer needs in their leadership, strategy, and operations to achieve business success for all stakeholders.

Customer-Obsessed Leadership Awards

Are customers your daily focus? This award recognizes a senior leader who prioritizes customers in all aspects of their work and inspires a customer-centric culture throughout the organization.

Technology Strategy & Enterprise Architecture Awards

Presented annually at Forrester’s Technology & Innovation Summit — apply now and learn more:

Technology Strategy Impact Awards

Technology can make or break business outcomes. Forrester’s Technology Strategy Impact Award recognizes companies generating business value (and impact) with their technology strategy.

Enterprise Architecture Awards

Enterprise architecture (EA) is a strategic capability for many enterprises. This award recognizes EA excellence resulting in tangible business and customer results.

B2B Marketing, Sales & Product Awards

Presented annually at Forrester’s B2B Summit — apply now and learn more:

Return On Integration Honors

Perfected your B2B alignment? This coveted award recognizes organizations with strong alignment in sales, marketing, and product functions, leading to improved company performance.

Programs Of The Year

Driving B2B growth with frameworks? This award honors functional excellence in marketing, sales, and product using frameworks and best practices to support company growth.

Security & Risk Awards

Presented annually at Forrester’s Security & Risk Summit — apply now and learn more:

Enterprise Leadership Awards

Is trust core to your tech operation? This award highlights organizations that prioritize building trust with customers, employees, and partners through their offerings, practices, and ecosystems.

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