Technology & Innovation Summit
North America

Technology & Data Leaders

September 9 – 12, 2024  |  Austin & Digital


Unleash The Power Of Tech, Talent, And AI

We are on the precipice of an exciting AI-led technology revolution. Tech and data leaders must seize the opportunity to play a vital role in delivering business results. Success will require an intentional blend of optimism, skepticism, and pragmatism — especially amid continued economic and geopolitical turmoil and rapidly changing customer and business expectations. Now is the time to build and unleash the power of top-notch tech talent and skills, a modern portfolio of established and emerging technologies, and trust through security, privacy, and resilience.

Join us at Technology & Innovation Summit 2024 to: 

  • Lead and develop the talent you’ll need to secure your firm’s future. 
  • Define and architect your high-performance IT strategy. 
  • Power your business with modern tech infrastructure and practices. 
  • Co-create new offerings with software and partners. 
  • Amplify innovation and results with AI. 
  • Transform your business with data and insights. 

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Leadership & Talent

Your ability to achieve high performance depends on people individuals, teams, and leaders. In the age of AI, how you lead, build skills, and invite workers to join you on the journey will be more important than ever in building trust, gaining the necessary alignment with your business, and creating a highly adaptive organization. This track will help IT leaders guide their workforce to use emerging technology with confidence, bolstered by trusted leadership who give them the skills and resources to succeed. 


Leveraging AI, including generative AI, as an engine for business growth and high performance is the name of the game today, and the race is on. This track will explore how to win this race by keeping you laser-focused on strategy, prioritizing use cases, identifying enabling technologies, ensuring responsible AI, and building a winning team of internal and external talent. You must also build trust, continuously adapt to an evolving AI regulatory framework, and look beyond the horizon for rapidly emerging advances. 

Data & Analytics

All AI and analytics run on data. Data is the foundation of AI. This track highlights how to ensure that your organization delivers high performance through a solid foundation of consistent, trusted, accessible data by applying best practices around data architecture, data management, and data governance. It also focuses on how to scale for AI across the enterprise as well as implement modern analytical and business intelligence approaches to deliver faster, better insights that make your company more adaptive and successful. 

Technology Strategy & Enterprise Architecture

Technology can unlock new possibilities for organizations. Critical for success is a clear technology strategy and architecture tightly aligned with the business strategy to drive high performance. This track will show how to craft IT strategy and architecture with the proper communication and governance to strengthen trust and secure commitment from your key stakeholders. 

Infrastructure & Operations

Your customers and employees expect excellent experiences that deliver high performance. But connecting disparate systems and processes isnt easy; in addition to the technology, you need high levels of trust and alignment to be successful. This track digs into new digital experiences and the enabling technologies to support this transformation and deliver superior resilience, because after all, technology powers your business and operations runs it. 

Business Applications & Application Development

Business applications and application development are critical to creating new experiences for employees and customers and driving business results. This track will show you how to maximize your application investments to increase adaptivity, trust, and, ultimately, ROI for the business. Further, we will help you ensure that your application development, powered with automation and AI, translates to better decision-making and competitive advantage. 

Who should attend?

  • Chief digital officers
  • VPs/directors of technology
  • Chief analytics/AI officers
  • Chief data officers
  • Chief information officers
  • Chief operating officers
  • Chief technology officers
  • VPs/directors/managers of data insights, analytics, data strategy, AI, and business intelligence
  • Leaders of digital and e-commerce business units

Topics for discussion:

  • Emerging technology
  • Enterprise architecture and app dev
  • Automation, AI, and machine learning
  • Cloud computing
  • Sustainable technology
  • Platform technologies
  • Data and analytics organizational roles and processes
  • Customer insights and analytics
  • Business intelligence
  • And more …

Technology & Innovation Summit North America · September 9 – 12, 2024 · Austin & Digital

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