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September 9 – 12, 2024  |  Austin & Digital

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Mural makes teamwork work. We empower teams to gather data, brainstorm and share ideas, make decisions, and collaborate online—anywhere and anytime.
As the pioneer in visual collaboration, we partner with leading companies—including 95% of the Fortune 100—to provide secure and easy-to-use digital workplaces where everyone is equipped to deliver remarkable results.
With Mural, teams stay connected and aligned so they can reach their goals and have fun along the way.
Try Mural for free at

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Camunda enables organizations to orchestrate processes across people, systems, and devices to continuously overcome complexity and increase efficiency. A common visual language enables seamless collaboration between business and IT teams to design, automate, and improve end-to-end processes with the required speed, scale, and resilience to remain competitive. Hundreds of enterprises such as Atlassian, ING, and Vodafone orchestrate business-critical processes with Camunda to accelerate digital transformation. To learn more visit .

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Credo AI empowers organizations to responsibly build, adopt and use AI. Their pioneering AI Governance, Risk Management and Compliance platform helps organizations measure, monitor and manage AI risks, while ensuring compliance with emerging global regulations and standards. Credo AI keeps humans in Show more

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DataRobot is the leader in enterprise AI, delivering trusted AI technology and enablement services to global enterprises competing in today’s Intelligence Revolution. DataRobot’s enterprise AI platform democratizes data science with end-to-end automation for building, deploying, and managing machine learning models. This platform maximizes business value by delivering AI at scale and continuously optimizing performance over time. The company’s proven combination of cutting edge software and world-class AI implementation, training, and support services, empowers any organization – regardless of size, industry, or resources – to drive better business outcomes with AI.

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Domo is the Business Cloud, empowering organizations of all sizes with BI leverage at cloud scale, in record time. With Domo, BI-critical processes that took weeks, months or more can now be done on-the-fly, in minutes or seconds, at unbelievable scale.

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We are a digitally native company that helps organizations reinvent themselves and unleash their potential. We are the place where innovation, design, and engineering meet scale.

We have more than 27,500 employees and are present in 30 countries across 5 continents, working for companies like Google, Electronic Arts, and Santander, among others.

We were named a Worldwide Leader in AI Services (2023) and Worldwide Leader in CX Improvement Services (2020) by IDC MarketScape report.

According to Brand Finance, we are the fastest-growing IT brand and the 5th strongest IT brand globally (2024).

We were also featured as a business case study at Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.

We are active members of The Green Software Foundation (GSF) and the Cybersecurity Tech Accord.

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At Reltio, we believe data should accelerate the speed of business and fuel success. Our AI-powered data unification and management offerings deliver unified, trusted data where and when it’s needed, so that enterprises can be responsive to changing business needs. Powered by the Reltio Connected Data Platform, our solutions — 360 Data Products, Multidomain Master Data Management (MDM), and Entity Resolution— unify disparate data sources in real-time, creating a single, trusted source of truth.  Leading enterprise brands across multiple industries around the globe rely on our award-winning data unification and management capabilities to improve efficiency, manage risk, and drive growth. Visit us at

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SoftRoad Co., Ltd. is the largest system migration specialist in Japan and has served more than 60 of Japan’s top 200 companies listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange. Using in-house built automated conversion tool, we will update your system to a pure Java system, normalize data, incorporate IT trends, including functional improvements.

SoftRoad America Co., Ltd. is a US subsidiary of SoftRoad Co., Ltd. established in 2023 and provides “System Reform” service in North America.

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1E Solutions

Company Description: 1E’s platform transforms your IT operations with real-time, autonomous digital experience management. It swiftly resolves digital workforce issues, ensuring compliance and cutting costs. Experience a seamless digital workplace that’s efficient and forever problem-free. Elevate your IT with 1E and turn digital friction into a frictionless future.

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Acceldata, founded in 2018 and headquartered in Campbell, CA, pioneers the world’s first enterprise Data Observability Cloud. Trusted by global leaders like HCSC, PhonePe, Dun & Bradstreet, Hershey, Merkle, PubMatic, and Circana, Acceldata’s ADOC (Acceldata Data Observability Cloud) platform ensures security and scalability for data pipelines and assets at the petabyte scale. ADOC for Cost Optimization streamlines spending on Cloud Data Warehouses with deep insights, root cause analysis, and automated budgeting. Learn more at

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Agile Dream Team

Agile Dream Team specializes in AI-powered, Agile-committed nearshore development teams. Each team, led by a dedicated project manager, focuses on enhancing functionality and optimizing business processes, cutting development costs by up to 60% and delivering superior value to clients.

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Aisera is a leading provider of enterprise Generative AI apps and a platform that helps enterprises boost revenue, improve user productivity, lower costs, and create magical user experiences.
Our products – AiseraGPT, AI Copilot, AI Search, and  Aisera Assist – are built on Aisera’s Generative AI Platform, an enterprise-level stack for organizations seeking to develop Gen AI apps. Aisera leverages a TRAPS framework (Transparent, Responsible, Auditable, Privacy, and Security) to meet stringent data governance requirements.

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Brandwatch is the world’s premier social suite, empowering over 5,000 of the world’s most admired companies to understand and engage with customers at the speed of social.

Combining pioneering, AI-enriched digital consumer intelligence with industry-leading social media management tools, Brandwatch offers a complementary suite of specialized, best-in-class products and services that support intelligently connected workflows. With Brandwatch, brands and agencies can adapt and thrive in today’s fast moving digital world by making smarter decisions and executing data-driven social strategies at every customer touchpoint.

Operating and serving clients the world over, Brandwatch has 15 offices across the globe and more than 1,000 employees worldwide. Brandwatch is a Cision Company. | @Brandwatch | press office | contact

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The seamless convergence of Clarity®, Rally®, ValueOps ConnectALL®, and ValueOps Insights in one platform empowers leaders at every level to plan, fund, manage, track, and optimize their work efforts using a common framework and value orientation. ValueOps has capabilities and insights to meet the needs of every role in a value stream – and effortlessly synchronizes them to align strategy, investments, people, and work across the enterprise.

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Creatio is a global vendor of one platform to automate industry workflows and CRM with no-code and a maximum degree of freedom. Millions of workflows are launched on our platform daily in 100 countries by thousands of clients. Genuine care for our clients and partners is a defining part of Creatio’s DNA.

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Incode is the leading provider for world-class identity solutions, reinventing the way humans authenticate and verify their identities online in order to power a world of digital trust. Incode’s revolutionary identity solutions are unleashing the business potential of universal industries including the world’s largest financial institutions, governments, retailers, hospitality organizations, and gaming establishments by reducing fraud and ultimately, transforming human interactions with data, products, and services.

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Kyndryl works at the core of businesses that move the world. With a global network of experts serving customers in over 60 countries, we design, build, manage and modernize the mission-critical technology systems that the world depends on every day. We are committed to the health and continuous improvement of the vital systems at the heart of the digital economy. With our partners and thousands of customers, we co-create solutions to help enterprises reach their peak digital performance. Our world has never been more alive with opportunities. Together, we can seize them. To learn more, visit

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ManoByte specializes in AI strategy and implementation, transforming businesses with intelligent automation. We optimize sales, marketing, and customer service operations, leveraging advanced AI technologies to streamline processes, enhance decision-making, and drive growth. Our expertise ensures seamless integration and maximum ROI from your AI investments.

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In today’s service-based economy, keeping customers loyal is paramount to growing and sustaining your business. ServiceNow helps you drive fierce customer loyalty with connected digital workflows which join customer service with other departments using AI and workflow to assign, manage, and resolve complex issues end-to-end. Monitor trends and customers’ products and services to notify customers potentially affected by issues as well as proactively fix issues before customers know they have them. Deliver a personalized customer experience while increasing agent efficiency, driving action to instantly take care of common customer requests with the portal, service catalogue, virtual agent, and online communities. To learn more, click here.

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Treasure Data

Treasure Data empowers the world’s largest and most innovative companies to drive connected customer experiences that increase revenue and reduce costs. Built on a big data foundation of trust and scale, Treasure Data is a customer data platform (CDP) pioneer and continues to reinvent the CDP by putting AI and real-time experiences at the center of the customer journey. Our CDP gives customer-centric teams across Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies – marketing, sales, service, and more – the power to turn customer data into their greatest treasure. Visit to learn more.

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Appsmith is an open-source low-code application platform that simplifies custom application development for businesses, allowing them to streamline operations, automate processes, and enhance legacy applications with new features. Unlike traditional low-code platforms, Appsmith is lightweight, extremely developer-friendly, and fully integrates within modern SDLC processes. Appsmith allows full-stack and backend developers, systems administrators, and data teams to quickly build highly-functional dashboards, admin panels, customer 360, IT automation, and service management tools that span multiple data sources.

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Fivetran is the global leader in modern data integration. Our mission is to make access to data as simple and reliable as electricity. Built for the cloud, Fivetran enables data teams to effortlessly centralize and transform data from hundreds of SaaS and on-prem data sources into high-performance cloud destinations. Fast-moving startups and the world’s largest companies use Fivetran to accelerate modern analytics and operational efficiency, fueling data-driven business growth. Fivetran is headquartered in Oakland, California, with offices around the world. For more info, visit

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Redgate Software

Redgate is the leading provider of software solutions for Database DevOps. We’ve specialized in database software for over 20 years. Now, our products help more than 800,000 people in every type of organization around the world, from small businesses to 91% of the Fortune 100.

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Testkube is a test orchestration platform that provides a single pane of glass for all your testing tools and test definitions, triggering, scaling and reporting. The results is higher build quality, lower costs, and faster time to market. Testkube is for medium and large enterprises building cloud native applications.

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Tiger Analytics

Tiger Analytics is a global leader in AI and analytics, helping Fortune 1000 companies solve their toughest challenges. We offer full-stack AI and analytics services & solutions to empower businesses to achieve real outcomes and value at scale. Our purpose is to provide certainty to shape a better tomorrow.

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VinkOS Consultants can help you accelerate your data developments. We specialize in building customized end-to-end data engineering and data in motion architectures to solve complex data challenges and deliver the right data to your AI applications and to your teams of analysts and scientists.

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Whatfix is a data-driven Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) that enables organizations and users to maximize the benefits of software. Whatfix acts as an interactive overlay on top of any application to guide users with real-time guidance, self-help support, and user feedback. With product analytics and AI, Whatfix enables scalable success with technology, maximizing productivity, and leveraging data-driven insights for better decision-making. Whatfix has seven global offices in the US, India, UK, Germany, Singapore and  Australia, and works with Fortune 500 companies around the world.

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Technology & Innovation Summit North America · September 9 – 12, 2024 · Austin & Digital

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