Leslie Joseph

Principal Analyst

Leslie’s research focuses on the themes of process automation, low-code application development, and automation-fueled digital transformation. His research helps CIOs and technology leaders prepare for the disruptive effects and opportunities ensuing from the advent of hybrid man-machine workforces, automation technologies, and the evolving nature of work.

Automation Is The New Fabric For Digital Business
June 16th, 20219 min read

Applications have long been the core building block of the enterprise tech landscape — but change has quietly snuck up on us. A collection of diverse yet coevolving automation technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), low-code tools, native i

CX Participation Is Vital To Automation Success
May 11th, 20218 min read

Customer experience's (CX) goal of "humanizing" experiences might seem far removed from automation's focus on removing humans from business processes. But the pandemic-induced push to serve customers online has brought these two forces together, and firms

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