B2B Summit

October 9 – 11, 2023  |  London & Digital

Track Themes

Enabling Customer Value And Experience

To drive long-term success, companies must move away from short-term goals and profitability. This track provides insights and methodologies for creating strategies that focus on creating, delivering, and enabling customer and buyer value consistently across the customer lifecycle.

Driving Growth In Competitive Markets

Alignment is crucial to growth, but it’s not always easy to achieve. This track provides guidance on evolving internal and external collaboration and focusing on the customer to enable grow in a competitive landscape.

Optimizing Performance

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of people, processes, and performance is a common goal for B2B organizations. This track provides actionable content to help attendees recalibrate and refresh their approach.

Leveraging Data And Technology

B2B organizations can’t live without data and technology in a digital world. However, piling on new technologies is not the answer. This track provides ideas for using technology and data to enable customer value and drive growth.

Content Highlights

Marketing, sales, and product leaders are laser-focused on the bottom line. When working as a united front, these B2B professionals are a powerhouse trifecta that can enable any business to maximise client satisfaction, retention, and spend. It’s about more than simply being aligned: It’s about being strategic, sensing buyer needs, and knowing the right tactics that will resonate with buyers and sellers. We are excited to offer you:

  • 30+ role-based sessions aligned to your priorities.
  • Marketplace opportunities to help you find the right solution provider for your marketing, sales, and product needs.
  • Networking opportunities to help you expand your community, meet with Forrester analysts, and connect with peers facing similar challenges.

Key Topics

  • Account-based marketing​​
  • Partner Ecosystem marketing and sales​​
  • Content strategy​
  • Customer advocacy and obsession​
  • Data, insights, and measurement​
  • Demand generation​
  • Leadership strategy​
  • Marketing operations​​
  • Pipeline management​
  • Portfolio marketing​​
  • Revenue operations​​
  • Sales enablement​​
  • And more

Keynote Sessions

  • How Generative AI Changes Marketing And Sales
  • Introducing Forrester’s B2B Customer-Obsessed Growth Engine
  • Configuring A Rev Ops Operating Model To Your Needs
  • Program of the Year Awards
  • Return on Integrations Honors

Who Should Attend

B2B buyers and sellers are more demanding than ever. Anticipate your customers’ needs while conquering your priorities with our help. Whether you are a marketing leader or a top-performing seller, B2B Summit EMEA will boost your initiatives and optimise pipeline pathways, thus furthering your organisation’s intelligent growth goals.

One Event Fits All Sizes
Whether you work at a large or emerging company, Forrester’s research can help. Over a third of our attendees are from companies with over 10,000 employees.

Our Delegates Generate Income On Any Scale
Marketing and Sales leaders keep their eyes on the dollar sign. Over 45% of our attendees come from companies who have yearly revenues of over $2 billion dollars each year.

Our Delegates Serve Multiple Industries
Hear from leaders in your industry and learn the tactics they are deploying to thrive in a changing buyer market. Most of our attendees come from Software, Communications, Manufacturing, Business Services, and Financial Services.

Our Delegates Are Leaders
Over 45% of our delegates are top decision makers holding Director, VP, or C-Level roles. We have tailored sessions that equip you with the tools you need when approaching key pivotal decisions.

Our Delegates Are Global
Your priorities vary based on your region. At B2B Summit EMEA, we focus on content on trending topics seen across the United Kingdom and Europe.

The Key Roles We Serve
See below to learn more about the topics and roles that we will focus on at the upcoming B2B Summit EMEA.

B2B Marketing Leadership

Who they are: Global Chief Marketing Officer, CMO, SVP, or Head of Marketing

Key Priorities:

  • Formulate Marketing Strategy And Drive Transformation​
  • Develop The Annual Marketing And Investment Plan​
  • Shape The Brand Experience​
  • Develop A Corporate Communications Strategy ​
  • Design And Implement An Integrated Campaign Strategy​
  • Demonstrate Marketing’s Value To The Business​
  • Create Marketing Structure And Operating Models That Optimise Performance

Who they are: Head of, VP, or Director of: Channel Marketing, Partner Marketing, Partner Ecosystem Marketing, Partner Program, Partner & Revenue Enablement, or Partner Communications

Key Priorities:

  • Formulate Partner Ecosystem Marketing Strategy
  • Plan And Measure For Partner Ecosystem Success
  • Optimize Insights-Driven Channel Demand​
  • Modernize The Channel Partner Program
  • Enable Channel Partners
  • Win Mindshare Through Partner Engagement​
  • Build A High-Performance Partner Ecosystem Marketing Team

Who they are: VP or Director of: Demand Generation/Creation, Demand And Account-Based Marketing (ABM), Global Campaigns, Field Marketing & Demand Generation, or Integrated Marketing

Key Priorities:

  • Define Aligned Marketing-Sales Demand Strategy​
  • Optimise The Revenue Engine For Growth​
  • Sense And Activate New Buyers​
  • Grow Existing Customers​
  • Increase Revenue From Strategic Accounts​
  • Deliver Contextual Content Experiences ​
  • Develop A Multidisciplinary Demand Team​

Who they are: VP, Director, or Head of: Portfolio Marketing, Product Marketing, Category & Solutions Marketing, Audience Marketing & Strategy, or Segment Marketing & Strategy

Key Priorities:

  • Identify New Market Opportunities To Drive Growth​
  • Align The Organisation For Winning Go-To-Market Strategies​
  • Sharpen Insights To Attract And Engage Buyers And Customers
  • Craft Messaging That Motivates Buyers​
  • Commercialize Offerings​
  • Equip Buyer- And Customer-Facing Roles
  • Build A Strategic Portfolio Marketing Function

Who they are: VP, Director, or Global Head of: Marketing Operations, Marketing Analytics/Insights/Measurement, Marketing Planning, Marketing Technology, or Marketing Data

Key Priorities:

  • Align Marketing Within The Revenue Engine​
  • Orchestrate The Marketing Planning And Budgeting Processes​
  • Drive Performance With Marketing Measurement And Insights​
  • Establish A Marketing Data Strategy Advantage​
  • Optimise Marketing’s Technology Stack​
  • Improve Marketing’s Agility With Streamlined Processes​
  • Define A World-Class Marketing Operations Team​

B2B Sales Leadership

Who they are: Chief Sales Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, SVP of Sales, or Head of: Sales

Key Priorities:

  • Build Sales Strategy
  • Optimise Route-To-Market Configuration
  • Design Sales Structure
  • Prospect For Opportunities​
  • Acquire New Customers​
  • Retain And Grow Existing Customers
  • Maximize Sales Productivity

Who they are: VP of Director of: Sales Enablement/Effectiveness, GTM Enablement/Effectiveness, Commercial Enablement/Effectiveness, or Revenue Enablement/Effectiveness

Key Priorities:

  • Design, Develop, And Deliver Your Enablement Function
  • Support Sales Talent Acquisition
  • Prepare New Sellers With Effective Onboarding
  • Optimise Ongoing Sales Readiness
  • Enhance Sales Asset And Content Effectiveness​
  • Communicate With And Advocate For Sellers​
  • Build, Buy, And Deploy Your Sales Methodology​

Who they are: VP or Director of: Sales Operations or Sales Strategy & Planning

Key Priorities:

  • Increase Alignment Across The Revenue Engine
  • Guide The Sales​ Planning Process
  • Motivate Sales Performance Through Compensation
  • Optimise Buyer-Aligned Sales Processes
  • Improve Value From Sales Technology
  • Deliver Actionable Sales Insights
  • Optimise The Sales Operations Organisation

B2B Product Leadership

Who they are: Global Head, SVP, EVP, or VP of: Product or Product Management

Key Priorities:

  • Discover Customer Needs That Will Drive Innovation​
  • Manage The Product Portfolio
  • Implement Value-Based Pricing
  • Improve The Product Lifecycle Process
  • Enable Agile Product Management And Engineering Alignment
  • Clarify Roles, Responsibilities, And Structure
  • Improve Competencies Through Product Manager Upskilling