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November 14 – 15, 2023  |  Washington, D.C. & Digital

The Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award recognizes excellence in security, privacy, and risk strategy that’s integral to building a trusted and resilient business. 

The Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award honors organizations that continually and thoughtfully build trust with customers, employees, and partners through: 

  1. Trusted customer offerings and experiences that are secure, private, and resilient by design. 
  2. Trusted employee practices that safeguard the organization as well as enable success. 
  3. Trusted partner ecosystems that unlock innovation.  

The award is open to private and public sector organizations with 1,000+ employees that can demonstrate their commitment to the trust imperative. 

SUBMISSIONS CLOSE: September 12, 2023 
Consultancies and agencies are welcome to nominate their clients with their clients written permission and agreement to the terms of the award. Nominators should gather all permissions and information prior to submitting the entry form. Entries cannot be withdrawn or amended after the deadline. 

Awards FAQ

Do applicants need to be a Forrester client to apply? 

No, all enterprise organizations (of 1,000+ employees) are welcome to apply. 

Can security vendors apply? 

High tech and services provider firms that compete directly in the security, privacy, resiliency, or risk markets are not eligible for this award but are welcome to nominate their clients, with their client’s written permission and agreement to the terms of the award. 

Can I access the questions ahead of submitting my application? 

Yes, the questions can be viewed by downloading the nomination packet. 

How is the award judged? 

Shortlisted nominees are selected on the qualitative and quantitative depth of their nominations. 

A judging panel of Forrester experts will shortlist organizations and then interview them, if necessary, to carefully select award recipients. 

A proprietary, quantitative, and qualitative scoring methodology will be applied to all applications. 

Are the details from the nomination made public? 

No. All responses are treated as strictly confidential. If we wish to use anything from our conversation in published research, we will ask for your explicit permission. 

When will winners be notified? 

Winners will be notified in September 2023. 

How will the winner be recognized at this year’s Security & Risk Forum? 

The winning organization will be interviewed on stage during a keynote session at this year’s event. 

Will the keynote be recorded? 

Yes, the keynote session with the winning organization will be recorded and accessible via the digital platform. 

Does Forrester cover travel expenses for the winning organization? 

Forrester will cover a one-night hotel stay and provide complimentary access to the event for up to three representatives from the winning company. 

Who is expected to attend from the winning company? 

Organizations that apply should be willing to have one senior executive, preferably the senior-most individual in cybersecurity, product security, privacy, resiliency, or risk, participate in a discussion of their organization’s trust strategy on stage at Forrester’s Security & Risk Forum. 

Who do I contact if I have a question?


Security & Risk · November 14 – 15, 2023 · Washington, D.C. & Digital