Technology & Innovation Summit

Technology, Data, & Security Leaders

October 9 – 11, 2024  |  London & Digital


Unleash The Power Of Tech, Talent, And AI

We are on the precipice of an exciting AI-led technology revolution. Tech, data, and security leaders must seize the opportunity to play a vital role in delivering business results. Success will require an intentional blend of optimism, skepticism, and pragmatism — especially amid continued economic and geopolitical turmoil and rapidly changing customer and business expectations. Now is the time to build and unleash the power of top-notch tech talent and skills, a modern portfolio of established and emerging technologies, and trust through security, privacy, and resilience.

Join us at Technology & Innovation Summit 2024 to: 

  • Lead and develop the talent you’ll need to secure your firm’s future. 
  • Define and architect your high-performance IT strategy. 
  • Power your business with modern tech infrastructure and practices. 
  • Co-create new offerings with software and partners. 
  • Amplify innovation and results with AI. 
  • Transform your business with data and insights. 

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Leadership & Talent

Your technology innovation success depends on people: both teams and leaders. Even in an AI age, how you lead, and how you invite workers to join you in the journey, will be more important than ever in determining your outcomes. 

Technology Strategy & Enterprise Architecture

Technology can unlock new possibilities for organisations. Critical for success is a clear technology strategy and architecture tightly aligned with the business strategy to drive high performance. This track will show how to craft IT strategy and architecture with the tools and priorities needed to drive highperformance IT and deliver optimum business outcomes. 

Modern Development & Co-Creation

Modern application development and co-creation are critical to creating new experiences and successful highperformance businesses. This track will show how to maximise your application investments through sustainable investments in cloud, AI, and automation, as well as through modern co-creation partnership strategies. Further, we will prepare you for decision-making on changes awaiting your development and delivery capabilities to achieve or maintain competitive advantage. 


Your technology innovations and investments rely on customers building and maintaining trust with your organisation. Securing your technology investments and guiding your technology teams on the ethical, safe, and secure ways to take advantage of new technologies is fundamental to maintaining and building trust with your customers. This track will focus on helping you secure and govern emerging technologies critical to your success in order to allow you to align security and technology outcomes with the business. 

Innovation & Emerging Technologies

We’re surrounded by exciting new technologies, from generative AI to humanoid robots and quantum computing. But business and technology leaders can’t afford to either be dazzled by the latest shiny thing nor miss big new opportunities. As leaders, you must know how to evaluate these technologies before either working out how to usefully integrate them into the operation of your business or discarding them as unfit for purpose. 

Who should attend?

  • Chief Information Officers 
  • Chief Technology Officers 
  • Chief Data Officers 
  • Chief Analytics Officers 
  • AI Leaders 
  • Chief Information Security Leaders 
  • VP, Directors, & Leaders Of: 
    • EA 
    • Infrastructure & Operations 
    • Cloud 
    • Business Intelligence, AI, & Data Insights 
    • Automation 
    • Strategic Planning 
    • Emerging Technology 
    • IT Talent Strategy 
    • Information Security 

Topics for discussion:

  • Developing and implementing an effective and secure AI strategy 
  • Planning, governing, and communicating the business value of technology 
  • Delivering a high-performing organisation 
  • Inspiring and innovating with technology 
  • Optimising your tech stack and services 
  • Enabling an insights- and analytics-driven business 
  • Evaluating and experimenting with emerging technologies 
  • Improving security strategy 
  • Managing risk 

Technology & Innovation Summit EMEA · October 9 – 11, 2024 · London & Digital

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