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WEBINAR: Business-Centered Enterprise Architecture: New Set of EA Practices For Enterprises Dealing With Digital Business

  • Monday, July 9, 2012
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This webinar introduces the Business-Centered Enterprise Architecture playbook, which represents new EA practices to deal with some of the new challenges that enterprises are facing today, such as: digital business; agility and governance; agile methodologies; new service delivery and integrated operating models; empowered business users; business agile platforms; and, last but not least, new enterprises challenging ethical outcomes. These new practices are complementing existing EA methodologies such as TOGAF but also connecting with other IT governance practices such as ITIL or PPM.


  • What Agility Means For The Business
  • Introduce A New Artifact Called Operational Business Service
  • How OBS Management Overcomes The Sustainable Business Agility

Vendors Mentioned: IBM and PMG.

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