Latest On-Demand Webinars

  • December 1st, 2022
    33 min watch

    The developer workforce is diversifying, and with it, there will be greater need for business input alongside risk management. Expect this to make new headlines as shops adjust to new demands and the metaverse. Key takeaways:See how citizen development will lead to a headline security breach.Champion your enterprise business leaders to lead API strategies.Understand why enterprises are investing in value stream management solutions.Learn why WebAssembly will take root at the edge.Examine how metaverse standards will evolve (or not).Target audience level: beginner

  • December 1st, 2022
    39 min watch

    The business of insurance is about expecting the unexpected, but 2022 took everyone by surprise. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the impact on energy prices; extreme drought in food-producing regions around the world; and red-hot wages are creating a return to 1970s-style stagflation that will ultimately hit consumer decisions about insurance. At the same time, those interest rate increases to tamp down inflation offer upsides for life and annuities insurers. War, cost-of-living crises, and access to subsistence-level resources like food, clean water, and heat all highlight another risk — social unrest — with the potential for costly insurance claims. In 2023, insurance leaders will be navigating turbulence not seen since the financial crisis. These pressures on insurance finances will express themselves in changing business and budget priorities that will impact product development and promotion, policy sales and servicing, M&A strategy, and tech spend.Key takeaways:Learn what market forces drove our 2023 insurance predictions.Understand how geopolitical, economic, technical, and social forces will shape insurance business, digital, and regulatory strategies in 2023.Gain insight on how these forces will reshape the insurtech landscape and the level of startup capital.Hear how technology spend will be impacted and what will — and won’t — get budget.Target audience level: all levels

  • November 29th, 2022
    52 min watch

    2023 will be a year of reckoning for customer experience (CX) programs as companies struggle to focus on customers while navigating a turbulent economy. The character and work of CX teams will transform as the nature of CX competition and the CX tech market change around them.Key takeaways:Discover Forrester's predictions for customer experience in 2023.Learn our recommendations for how to navigate a turbulent year ahead.Ask top Forrester CX experts how your CX program can succeed. Target audience level: all levels

  • November 29th, 2022
    51 min watch

    Earlier this year, we ran five concurrent Forrester Wave™ evaluations of agencies’ and holding companies’ capabilities in five areas: media, creative and content, customer data, digital experience, and global marketing services. In this webinar, we review their capabilities and strategies and take your questions. Come learn which agency will be your best strategic partner.Key takeaways:See how your agencies line up competitively across five service lines.Learn about the major themes uniting and separating the providers: data, media, creative, technology, and more.Identify how this portfolio analysis will affect your selection and shape your agency engagement strategy.Target audience level: all levels

  • November 28th, 2022
    48 min watch

    In this panel discussion, the authors of the report “Predictions 2023: Public Sector” delve into each of Forrester's five predictions for business and technology executives in government.Key takeaways:Learn about Forrester’s public sector predictions for 2023.Understand why it is important for government agencies to hold on to their hard-won pandemic-era competencies.Discover how government agencies can respond to the unique pressures facing the public sector when it comes to talent management, Zero Trust, and customer experience.Target audience level: all levels

  • November 21st, 2022
    57 min watch

    In the face of both competition and economic uncertainty, companies are grappling with what they must do — if anything — to create a metaverse strategy. This webinar helps companies start to build a strategy to address internal demands and external push to adopt this “next big thing.” Key takeaways:Gain insight into consumer familiarity with the metaverse and why today’s precursor metaverse experiences may not be a match for your company.Understand the deficiencies of today’s virtual branded experiences and what can be done to improve them.Receive a framework for reviewing the pros and cons for developing your metaverse strategy.Target audience level: beginner and intermediate

  • November 21st, 2022
    42 min watch

    European businesses and consumers face substantial headwinds in 2023, created by the combination of the aftermath of the COVID pandemic and the effects of war in Ukraine. Challenges include an energy crisis, inflation rates at 40-year highs, and an EU economy expected to grow at an anemic 1.5%. This webinar gives European business, technology, and marketing leaders the five critical predictions they'll need to prepare for a bumpy 2023.Key takeaways:Learn why "unsexy" legacy industries will become attractive employers again.Learn why European citizens' trust in government will decline, and what companies should do about it.Understand what Germany's Supply Chain Act means for manufacturers who do business in Europe.Target audience level: all levels

  • November 18th, 2022
    44 min watch

    New in 2022, Forrester has developed the Financial Services Customer Trust Index (FS Customer Trust Index) to assess the level of trust consumers have with their banking, credit card, investment, and insurance providers. Why does this matter? Trust drives revenue. Yet most financial services firms don’t know what drives customer trust or how to measure it. In this webinar, we dive into the FS Customer Trust Index and how you can leverage it to assess and earn your customers’ trust.Key takeaways:Find out how the FS Customer Trust Index helps brands measure trust.Understand the drivers of customer trust for financial services brands.Learn about the trust outcome gap and how the FS Customer Trust Index links trust to revenue.Target audience level: all levels

  • November 17th, 2022
    48 min watch

    The era of anywhere work has disrupted traditional digital workplaces. With 66% of decision-makers expecting to maintain a higher proportion of remote workers into 2023, aging tech stacks need a rethink. This session highlights the six key technology categories that comprise a modern digital workplace platform and the importance of striving for a great digital employee experience (DEX).Key takeaways:Understand the differences between a digital workplace and digital workspace.Learn why DEX must be a priority for 2023 and beyond.Understand the six key technology categories that contribute to the digital workplace.Target audience level: intermediate