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  • How To Decode The Customer Service Solution Wave™
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    April 22nd, 2024

    This webinar explains current trends in the customer service space and how these trends are influencing the customer service vendor landscape. We discuss the results of Forrester’s latest customer-focused Wave and how to use the Wave when evaluating and selecting a customer service solution.Key takeaways:Understand high-level trends influencing the customer service vendor landscape.Explore a list of the key players in the customer service space.Learn how to maximize Forrester’s research and resources, particularly the recent customer service Wave, to identify the right platform for your organization.Target audience level: intermediateVendors mentioned: Creatio, Freshworks, Microsoft, Oracle, Pegasystems, Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, SugarCRM, Verint, Zendesk, & Zoho

  • Digital Asset Custody: A Primer
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    April 22nd, 2024
    35 min watch

    In recent years, mainstream financial institutions like BNY Mellon, DBS Bank, and Fidelity have entered the digital asset space to serve retail and institutional clients, driving demand for secure asset custody. However, this is still a nascent industry, and financial institutions must carefully navigate many technical and procedural challenges.Key takeaways:Understand the key tech supporting digital asset custody.Learn the core capabilities of representative digital asset custody providers.Learn early good practices for integrating digital asset custody solutions.Target audience level: intermediate

  • The AI Litigation Juggernaut — “What's Regs Got To Do With It?”
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    April 18th, 2024
    40 min watch

    Harness the advantages of AI with help from this webinar series featuring the latest expert insights, practical tips, and key steps you and your team can take with this rapidly evolving technology.As AI continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, the ethical and regulatory implications surrounding its applications is top of mind. While regulators are trying to keep pace with innovations, enterprises must play offense and defense with existing regulations to continue to develop their AI competencies. In this session, Forrester analysts discuss the emerging diaspora of regulations globally — and particularly the role that litigation will play when regulations are missing!Key takeaways: Explore the regulatory landscape under which AI advancements are taking place in the US, Europe, and across the world.Understand how enterprises use existing regulations to develop their AI competencies while balancing the potential for emerging regulations.Learn how litigation will play an important role until regulations have been rolled out.Target audience level: all levels

  • Findings From The Forrester Wave™: Application Modernization And Migration Services, Q1 2024
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    April 16th, 2024
    34 min watch

    Enterprises must modernize their applications assets to avoid paying the many costs of technical debt. But relatively few enterprises are able to navigate the challenge entirely on their own. The Forrester Wave™: Applications Modernization And Migration Services, Q1 2024, describes a market on the verge of a tsunami of change driven by generative AI (genAI). Application modernization has become the new frontier of application management services (AMS), with existing outsourcing relationships often serving as a springboard to modernization engagements — but the same supplier that excels in AMS may not be the ideal partner for modernization.Key takeaways:Hear about how leading application modernization services providers are differentiating themselves and delivering customer value.Learn how genAI and other forms of automation are revolutionizing application modernization services.Explore how modernization services are being priced and delivered to achieve the greatest possible business impact.Target audience level: intermediate

  • A SASE Smackdown: Zero Trust Edge Vs Security Service Edge
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    April 9th, 2024
    54 min watch

    Confused about secure access service edge (SASE), Zero Trust edge (ZTE), and security service edge (SSE)? The two most popular analysts of the modern era break down the differences, help you choose a vendor, and finally unite networking and security!Key takeaways:Understand the differences between SASE, ZTE, and SSE.Learn how to choose the architecture and vendor that is right for your organization.Target audience level: intermediateVendors: Broadcom, Cisco Systems, Cloudflare, Forcepoint, Fortinet, iBoss, Lookout, Netskope, Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks, Skyhigh Security, Zscaler

  • Procurement Is The Key To Sustainable Supply Chains
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    April 9th, 2024
    39 min watch

    It’s a make-or-break moment for procurement in 2024. Enterprises small and large are building a challenging strategy and roadmap that anchors sustainability in all relevant processes throughout the organization. Procurement functions are creating transparency around the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) dimensions of the supply chain by monitoring all relationships with suppliers and partners across the value chain.Key takeaways:Learn how procurement plays a very important role in moving the hands of the environmental sustainability clock. CEOs are empowering their CPOs and procurement teams to rally active support from their suppliers to address the Scope 3 emissions.Explore how enterprises will work with, support, and guide their suppliers as they make quantifiable steps on ESG.Learn how digital enablement of ESG within procurement mandates integrated solutions connected to the IT landscape.Discover that sustainability, including environmental aspects and human rights, workplace safety, fair pay etc., is in the spotlight and will be the subject of an increasing number of regulations enacted by governments worldwide.Learn how sustainability transformation is a marathon — requiring stamina, holistic thinking, and an ecosystem that is actively and fully integrated — and not a sprint. Target audience level: intermediate

    Hannah Jachim  
  • Five Trends Shaping Consumer Banking In 2024
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    April 5th, 2024
    55 min watch

    Banks are preparing for another tough year in 2024 as global growth is predicted to remain modest amid continuing economic uncertainty. This webinar focuses on five key trends shaping the retail consumer banking landscape and what they mean for the priorities of customer experience (CX) and digital executives over the next year.Key takeaways:Understand the five key consumer banking trends that will shape the 2024 landscape.Learn how banks’ top business priorities are shifting against the backdrop of global economic uncertainty, high interest rates, and an ongoing inverted yield curve.Find out how banks are overcoming the struggle to grow revenue and deposits, improve CX and trust, and earn customer loyalty.Learn how generative AI and open banking dominate C-suite conversations and what banks are doing (and need to do) in response.Target audience level: all levels

  • Use The Forrester Wave™    To Choose Your Real-Time Interaction Management Solution
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    April 4th, 2024
    36 min watch

    Real-time interaction management (RTIM) delivers contextually relevant experiences, value, and utility at the appropriate moment in the customer lifecycle via preferred customer touchpoints. Assembling an effective RTIM ecosystem lays the foundation for enabling more immersive, invisible customer experiences. It's an enterprise challenge involving significant investments in both technology and people. Successful projects deliver long-term ROI.RTIM is more than a single technology platform. Your needs may dictate a centralized next best experience (NBX) decision engine, a customer journey orchestration (CJO) solution, a cross-channel marketing hub (CCMH), a personalization engine (PE), or a combination of these capabilities. This webinar helps you choose the right solution to meet your RTIM needs.Key takeaways: Understand the current RTIM landscape.Learn about different RTIM solutions (NBX, CJO, CCMH, and PE).Discover which RTIM capabilities are right for you.Hear best practices examples from leading firms.Vendors mentioned: Adobe, Dynamic Yield by Mastercard, Engage Hub, Genesys, HCLSoftware, Medallia, Microsoft, MoEngage, Monetate, NGDATA, Pegasystems, Salesforce, and SASTarget audience level: intermediate and advanced

  • Lessons From The Forrester Wave™: Merchant Payment Providers, Q1 2024
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    April 3rd, 2024
    27 min watch

    The growth in digital payments and the market pressures on merchants to be adaptive means that payment capabilities and the tools, teams, and partners that power them have been thrust into the spotlight and under the microscope. Yet this mature — but still dynamic — market is full of highly commoditized feature sets and virtually identical marketing and product messaging.In the Forrester Wave evaluation of merchant payment providers, we evaluated the 12 most significant providers in the marketplace.Key takeaways:See how each provider measures up.Learn what reference customers love about their providers and what they don’t.Understand the key factors to selecting the right payments provider for your business.Target audience level: all levels