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  • Developing The Metaverse: Getting Started
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    March 30th, 2023

    You’ve just had a visit from a C-level exec who said, “We should be looking into this metaverse thing.” As a professional software developer, your first reaction probably isn’t printable.Development for the metaverse and 3D spaces in general uses some tools and concepts you use every day already, but also quite a few that will be unfamiliar. Senior analyst Andrew Cornwall will go through what’s available and where the problems will arise.Key takeaways:Learn how to decide where to build a precursor to a metaverse experience.Understand what to focus on for 3D and metaverse development.Get a sense of what’s too far off to be meaningful right now.Target audience level: beginner and intermediate

    Caroline Bonde  
  • Your Security Organization's Journey To Future Fit
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    March 30th, 2023

    Customer-obsessed organizations have a future fit technology strategy that enables adaptivity, creativity, and resilience — and cybersecurity is a critical part of that strategy. It’s impossible to have a great technology organization without a great security organization, and future fit tech firms demonstrate this by scoring higher on Forrester’s cybersecurity and privacy maturity assessment than their less-tech-mature peers.Join us as we talk about the relationship between future fit tech organizations and their security teams. In this moderated discussion, we’ll cover security maturity, the evolution of security priorities, and characteristics of future fit CISOs.Key takeaways:Explore the relationship between future fit tech maturity and cybersecurity maturity.Learn about security priorities that are particularly important to traditional tech, modern tech, and future fit firms.Understand how the customer-facing CISO aligns with future fit tech maturity.Target audience level: beginner

  • The Role Of Sustainability In Responding To Today’s Global Uncertainty
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    March 30th, 2023

    Supply chain disruption, an ongoing global pandemic, a challenging labor market, inflation, climate change, energy shortages: These challenges and more make 2023 a difficult time to operate in asset-intensive industries like manufacturing. In this webinar, analysts from Forrester’s smart manufacturing and sustainability teams are joined by three executives from Siemens for a discussion that fuses Forrester research with real experience in facing these challenges every day. Join Forrester analysts Paul Miller, Michele Pelino, and Abhijit Sunil, plus our guests Eryn Devola (VP of Sustainability Digital Industries), Andreas Geiss (SVP & GM Digital Enterprise & Digital Services) and Michael Butschek (SVP Digital Enterprise & Digital Services Strategy & Market Development) from Siemens, to hear how your peers are navigating the current environment and laying the foundations to create sustainable, future fit organizations that are required for growth.Key takeaways:Hear about the biggest headwinds affecting the manufacturing sector in 2023 and how they change firms’ prioritization of sustainability initiatives.Understand how smart manufacturing approaches help organizations be more adaptive, creative, resilient, and sustainable.Discover examples of how organizations like yours are overcoming these challenges.Get your questions answered by our analyst team and guests, and begin the conversations that will deliver the answers you need.Target audience level: all levels

  • Expand Options In A Tight Labor Market
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    March 29th, 2023
    28 min watch

    It is critical for leaders to constantly navigate their firms through prevailing market headwinds. Forrester’s tech insights and econometric research (TIER) discusses the ever-evolving landscape of the labor market, evaluating the market risks and opportunities that are reshaping workforce strategies.Key takeaways:Learn what critical indicators lead and lag the labor market.Learn where and when to create future opportunities, and where and when to capture current opportunities.Learn why and how an option-oriented labor strategy can offset market shifts and changing talent dynamics.Target audience level: all levels

  • Identity Verification Trends
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    March 28th, 2023
    34 min watch

    Identity verification (IDV) is becoming the key building block of customer identity and access management (IAM). Checking the veracity of onboarded customers helps avoid regulatory fines and sanctions as well as fraud losses.Key takeaways:High-growth areas in IDVNew trends in IDVBest practices in implementing IDVTarget audience level: intermediate and advanced

  • Generative AI: What It Means For CTOs
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    March 22nd, 2023
    44 min watch

    Generative AI is the creative side of AI. You’ve heard of and, perhaps, even tried ChatGPT. But generative AI technology also includes image generation, novel data generation for scientific exploration, and even TuringBots that generate code. In this webinar, Mike Gualtieri, VP and principal analyst, gives real-time analysis of generative AI and its meteoric trajectory.Key takeaways:Generative AI quadruples enterprise AI use cases. What it means for enterprise AI and AI platforms. How CTOs should track and prioritize these technologies.Target audience level: all levels

  • Digging Into Forrester’s 2023 Program Recommendations And Downturn Guide For CISOs
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    March 21st, 2023
    43 min watch

    Whether the economic downturn is just a temporary dip lasting one to two quarters or a more prolonged period of austerity, CISOs will need to demonstrate they are operating as cautious financial stewards of capital and use that to inform their choices — and the way they communicate with stakeholders. Join us for a panel discussion to highlight the key recommendations for CISOs as they navigate a potentially challenging year on the budgets, staffing, emerging tech, and internal politics fronts.Key takeaways:Learn the most important recommendations for your security strategy — and the next 12 months of economic uncertainty.Leverage this research to guide your security program strategy and prioritize changes for the coming year to areas including cloud security, product security, talent management, and board and executive communication.Target audience level: intermediate

  • Use Capability Analysis To Drive Better Investment Decisions
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    March 20th, 2023
    36 min watch

    Many tech execs struggle to convey how their investments deliver value. Business capability analysis provides IT strategic investment decision-makers with a tool to aid better communication with their peer executives.Key takeaways:Learn how to communicate the value of IT investments.Learn which attributes identify capability strength.Learn to interpret a capability analysis output.Target audience level: intermediate

  • Why Lifecycle Revenue Marketing Is The Future Of B2B Growth
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    March 16th, 2023

    Seismic shifts in buying group behavior and business dynamics are wreaking havoc on the frontline B2B marketing teams accountable for revenue, such as demand marketing, account-based marketing (ABM), and customer marketing. All marketing teams share some responsibility for addressing changing buyer behaviors and influencing revenue, but frontline marketing teams that are directly accountable for pipeline and revenue are most susceptible to changing buying behaviors. For them, failure to meet pipeline or revenue objectives could mean termination.In this webinar, Forrester Research Directors Steve Casey and Lisa Nakano lead a panel discussion with B2B marketing analysts John Arnold, Lisa Gately, and Malachi Threadgill to unpack a major mindset shift happening in the most progressive B2B marketing organizations. Forrester calls this mindset shift lifecycle revenue marketing (LRM). Our discussion will focus on the reasons and changes needed to move from an inside-out approach that lives or dies by internal processes to an outside-in strategy that lives and breathes the customer lifecycle and empowers frontline marketers to extend engaged audiences and stand up more adaptive programs.Key takeaways:Current trends in buying behavior and the impact on frontline marketing effortsAn introduction to the guiding principles of lifecycle revenue marketing (LRM)How LRM breaks through silos, extends audience engagement, and connects marketing programs to the full lifecycle of revenue opportunitiesTarget audience level: all levels