SAP, the global leader in business applications, is betting on two key initiatives to sustain its growth as the market loses its appetite for on-premises, licensed applications. SAP Hana, an in-memory computing architecture, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications are key to SAP's future for sustaining growth and keeping existing customers engaged.

Forrester has analyzed the company's business performance, product strategy, and customer perceptions in our recent report, "SAP Bets Its Future On Hana And SaaS." In this webinar, the report's coauthors, Andy Bartels and Paul Hamerman, assess the key elements of SAP's strategy and provide guidance to clients relying on SAP for business applications and analytics.


  • SAP continues to perform well as a company, but its business model is under pressure.
  • Customers remain loyal but have questions about the newer products.
  • SAP Hana promises disruptive innovation without disruptive migration.
  • SAP's four pillars cloud strategy is not hitting on all cylinders.
  • Future prospects and customer guidance.

Key takeaways:

  • Gain clarity on SAP's strategic investments and product evolution.
  • Ride the innovation curve or stay in safe waters.

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