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WEBINAR: Synergies Across Silos: Approaches To Governing Structured And Unstructured Information

  • Friday, June 15, 2012
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With today's fast pace of innovation, it's increasingly difficult for organizations to differentiate on product or service offerings alone. Delivering high-quality solutions is simply table stakes. To ensure customer loyalty, as well as an increased share of wallet and market leadership, organizations must differentiate on the core, customer-facing business processes that truly define the customer experience, such as customer service, support, direct marketing, and account management. But to deliver these positive customer experiences, these dependent business processes are wholly reliant on high-quality, trusted data — which most business leaders have not accepted responsibility for ensuring. The best way to transform your business is to learn how to govern both the processes that touch your customers, as well as the critical data those processes depend upon.

Governing information architecture (IA) is fraught with difficulties. The challenges of governing structured data differ from the challenges of governing unstructured content, due to different goals, stakeholders, roles, and processes. The result is that governance of these areas involves completely separate endeavors. But must they be wholly separate? Isn't there enough common ground? This webinar explores the commonality and how to integrate these efforts, resulting in more effective approaches to your information architecture.


  • The Commonalities And Differences Inherent In Data And Content Governance
  • How Real-World Shops Are Taking A Combined Approach To Content And Data Governance
  • How To Craft An Approach To Information Governance That Will Work For You

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