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The Customer-Obsessed Enterprise Award recognises companies that drive business success by putting customers at the center of their leadership, strategy, and operations.

Customer-Obsessed Enterprise Award - EMEA

This award recognizes the organisation that exemplifies customer obsession by putting the customer at the center of its leadership, strategy, and operations to achieve wins for customers, employees, and the business. Customer-obsessed businesses grow revenue, profitability, customer retention, and employee engagement at more than twice the rate of other companies. Congratulations to Forrester’s 2024 Customer-Obsessed Enterprise EMEA Award recipient, to Nedbank. Read more about their incredible journey here.

Awards FAQ

Do applicants need to be a Forrester client to apply?
No, all organisations across industries that are headquartered in EMEA (of 1,000+ employees) are welcome to apply. 

Can CX vendors or agencies apply? 
Vendors and Agencies are not eligible for this award but are welcome to nominate their clients, with their client’s written permission. 

How is the award judged? 
Shortlisted nominees are selected on the qualitative and quantitative depth of their nominations. 

A judging panel of Forrester experts will shortlist enterprises and then interview them, if necessary, to carefully select award recipients.  

A proprietary, quantitative, and qualitative scoring methodology will be applied to all applications. 

Are the details from the nomination made public? 
No. All responses are treated as strictly confidential. If we wish to use anything from our conversation in published research, we will ask for your explicit permission. 

When do award submissions close?
22 March 2024 at 5 PM BST 

When will winners be notified? 
Winners will be notified in mid-April 2024. 

How does Forrester promote winners?  
Senior executives from the Winning Enterprise will be interviewed on stage during a keynote session at this year’s event. Winners and Finalists may be featured in Forrester reports, videos, social media posts, and other marketing channels. 

Will the keynote be recorded? 
Yes, the keynote session with the winning organisation will be recorded and accessible via the digital platform. 

Does Forrester cover travel expenses for the winning organization? 
Forrester will cover a one-night hotel stay and provide complimentary access to the event for up to two representatives from the winning company. 

Who is expected to attend from the winning company? 
Organisations that apply should be willing to have two senior executives participate in a discussion of their company’s customer obsession on stage at Forrester’s CX Summit EMEA 2024 event.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

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