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WEBINAR: Getting A Handle On Big Data — Is It A Big Deal?

  • Monday, September 12, 2011
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The topic of big data has been hot in 2011, and a lot of enterprise architects are wondering what it is, how it's different, what they should do about it, and when. Forrester believes that big data is a big deal, but maybe for different reasons than clients might expect, and has developed a research agenda to cover the topic.

In his first Teleconference, Principal Analyst Brian Hopkins sets the stage for big data by presenting findings from his research. The presentation covers: 1) what Forrester thinks big data is; 2) what is different about big data solutions; 3) what clients have told us about their big data efforts; 4) the common big data utilization patterns; and 5) what we think enterprise architects need to do about it now and think about for later.


  • Big data — what it is and is not
  • What you told us about big data
  • Big data usage patterns and technologies
  • Benefits and challenges of big data solutions
  • What we think it means and what you need to do

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