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WEBINAR: The Future Of Microsoft .NET: New Options, New Choices, And New Risks

  • Tuesday, December 4, 2012
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One Microsoft platform era is ending and another is beginning. The .NET era as we've known it is winding down. Microsoft .NET doesn't go away — it becomes Microsoft's preferred server environment for a broader platform that also includes Windows 8 clients, the Windows Runtime (WinRT) application programming interface (API), and the Windows Azure cloud environment. This collection of technologies will define the new platform era — Forrester calls the set the new Windows platform. Microsoft has endeavored to make introduction of its new platform technologies evolutionary, and AD&D Professionals won't face a forced march to the new technologies. But few AD&D leaders yet see the big picture of the new Windows platform, much less understand its implications for their .NET strategies.

This webinar advises you on how Windows 8, WinRT, Windows Azure, and .NET Framework 4.5 can help you develop and support mobile and cloud applications, create new styles of web and desktop applications, and deliver solutions faster, all while minimizing the disruptions to your current .NET activities.


  • The New Windows Platform Is Much More Than .NET
  • Microsoft Needs A Big Platform Change To Remain Relevant
  • Enterprise AD&D Goals Only Partially Align With Microsoft's Goals
  • Can Microsoft Make Another Big Platform Leap?
  • Recommendations: Realign Your Microsoft Platform Strategy

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