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WEBINAR: Why You Should Develop A Service Management And Automation Balanced Scorecard

  • Monday, September 17, 2012
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This webinar outlines Forrester's solution for IT Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) Professionals to develop effective objectives and metrics for their service management and automation (SMA) program. Most I&O organizations have SMA-related metrics, but how many are happy with them? And if they are happy with them, are they happy because they're hitting the targets or because of the merits of the metrics themselves?

In Forrester's experience, the current state of SMA metrics is unsatisfactory: Most I&O leaders often struggle to know which metrics to use or how to collect the data they need for the metrics, while others establish too many metrics and then struggle to identify significant data points. However, there is no magical, out-of-the-box set of metrics that applies to all I&O organizations — and that's a good thing. Your metrics portfolio should deliver the information that your business needs to make key decisions about future organizational and financial change. You should start a dialogue with your business to zero in on the desired outcomes, and then construct your metrics portfolio accordingly.

In support of this, leading I&O departments have started using Norton and Kaplan's Balanced Scorecard (BSC) method of measuring performance as a framework to select the right metrics and keep them organized to demonstrate business value, become more proactive, and align I&O priorities and incentives. This webinar outlines the BSC methodology and how it can be applied to your SMA program.


  • Why Metrics Are Important To Service Management And Automation
  • Where Metrics Go Wrong
  • Best Practices To Develop And Report Metrics Effectively
  • How To Develop Your SMA Balanced Scorecard
  • Recommendations — Putting Your Service Management And Automation Metrics Into Action

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