WEBINAR: A Seven-Step Framework For Needs-Based Marketing Strategies

  • Tuesday, October 29, 2013
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Now more than ever brands are able to achieve their marketing objectives through new technologies and touchpoints. This constant stream of technology is both a blessing and a curse for strategy development: a curse because it continues to increase complexity and misdirect efforts to the latest trinkets; and a blessing because almost anything a marketer can think of is probably in some way possible.

How then should marketers develop a strategy, when they can do almost anything? The answer is to focus squarely on the needs of customers and the benefits that can be brought to them. This webinar lays out how to develop a winning strategy for developing marketing experiences that meet customers' needs as well as providing a foundational capability for disruptive new approaches.


  • Marketers are overwhelmed by the exploding possibilities.
  • Rein in the possibilities by focusing on customer needs and benefits.
  • Use a seven-step needs-based approach for your marketing strategy.
  • Provide immediate benefits to customers from within your core capability.

Key Takeaways:

  • Develop strategies founded on core customer needs and the benefits they can bring to them.
  • Reduce strategy misdirection caused by placing technology too early in strategy development.
  • Deliver features within their core competency first.

Vendors mentioned: Easily Do, LifecycleMagiq, Proelios, Quid, Recorded Future, Spreecast, and TeaLeaf.

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