Dipanjan Chatterjee

VP, Principal Analyst

Dipanjan is a vice president and principal analyst at Forrester, where he leads the brand strategy practice. Dipanjan’s recent research delves into brand strategies and experiences that are fueled by the customer of the future, who is both defining and being defined by ever-expanding technology frontiers. His work covers topics including strategies to drive business and brand value, the future of digital brand experience, emotions and the humanity of brand in a world of machines, measurement frameworks to make sense of brand, analytical models of consumer brand perception and choice, and future trends like the evolution of gender and its impact on marketing.

Dipanjan is a frequent keynote speaker at global conferences such as SXSW and Mobile World Congress; has been quoted in leading global media like Adweek, Fast Company, Fortune, NPR, the New York Times, the Times (UK), Vogue, and the Washington Post; and writes for publications like AdAge, CMO.com, The Drum, Forbes, Meio & Mensagem (Brazil), and MIT Sloan Management Review.

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