WEBINAR: One Size Does Not Fit All — Using Account Tiering To Focus Your Sales Enablement Approach

  • Thursday, April 26, 2012
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Many Technology Sales Enablement Professionals are overwhelmed by the sheer number of requests and demands to "just enable the field." But in reality, "the field" is a complex array of account teams, overlays, and coverage models, engaging with an equally complex mixture of accounts that come in all shapes and sizes. For example, sales reps who are developing strategic partnerships with key clients need a different level of support from those who are trying to get in the door of an account for the first time. And to add to the problem, there are usually limited resources such as sales engineers and value specialists to help in the field, and usually no clear way to prioritize internal requests for resources.

How do you make sense of it, so that when you are asked to enable the field you have a starting point and clear path to action? Step one: Develop a tiered account approach. To do this, you need to work with your teams to recognize that not all accounts are the same and set up a structure to categorize them based on existing relationships and growth initiatives.

In this webinar, Scott Santucci, research director and principal analyst, frames how to focus your resources in the right places by first opening your organization's eyes to some fundamental, commonly unresolved hurdles: how to define and tier accounts, in order to properly enable the sellers who serve them.


  • What is an account, and why is it so important to get this definition right?
  • What are the benefits to account tiering — how will it help with account planning and cross-selling?
  • How do you tier accounts and map those tiers to different enablement approaches?
  • What are ways to get buy-in for a tiered approach, and what kind of stakeholders do you work with to get started?

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