WEBINAR: The Who And How Of Influencing Customers' IT Decisions

  • Thursday, August 25, 2011
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Tech vendor returns on marketing messaging are shaped as much by where it's said and who says it as it is by what is said. Indeed, social media grants "others," including customers and partners, unprecedented voice in the marketplace. Yet tech marketers can readily confuse the two — the "how" messages are delivered and the "who" is generating the message — in their marketing mix planning. Customers leverage different sources for different types of content. Tech marketers would be well-served to know not just which information sources customers utilize most but also which generators are most effective for delivering that information.


  • The importance of classic information channels
  • Matching content generators to information channels
  • Why business-to-business social networks trump Facebook and Twitter

Online communities mentioned: APSense, CFO Alliance, CIOZone, Ecademy, ExpertCEO, Google, OfficeArrow, Spiceworks, Upspring, XING

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