WEBINAR: Lessons From Empowered For Marketing & Strategy Professionals

  • Monday, October 4, 2010
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In the age of the empowered customer, marketers and other customer-facing managers must behave differently. While you're "messaging" the customer, she's gathering information about your products and services on her own and telling her friends whether or not you're reliable to work with. Your only choice is to empower your own staff to reach out to and energize these customers.

This teleconference covers how to treat your customers as a channel and discusses other concepts from the new Forrester book, Empowered. We describe the four elements of the IDEA method for energizing customers: identify mass influencers, deliver groundswell customer service, empower with mobile information, and amplify fan activity. We also describe how this change — empowering your own staff to act on these imperatives — changes the way companies must be managed.


  • Analyzing mass influencers
  • The IDEA method for leveraging customers as a channel
  • Organizing for empowered employees

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