WEBINAR: Managing Battle Cards As A Portfolio

  • Tuesday, August 9, 2011
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Customer and market intelligence (CMI) professionals across the tech industry tell Forrester a similar story about their portfolio of battle cards — they are unclear which, if any, are providing value to sales teams.

Because they lack an objective method to define the value that battle cards should provide, they are unable to then measure whether their current portfolio of battle cards delivers that value.

Manage battle cards as a portfolio of assets

Sales leaders are beginning to look at their battle cards as a portfolio that needs a manager with measurable goals — a person who understands sales teams and has empathy for selling. This approach is an abrupt change to the traditional approach of abdicating battle card quality to the teams that create them.

Sales leaders are taking ownership, in part, because multiple groups create battle cards — product managers, industry teams, and competitive intelligence groups — each with their own bias.

Communicate to your battle card supply chain

During this Teleconference, Forrester analyst Dean Davison discusses a way for CMI professionals to evaluate battle cards today, provide guidance to groups creating battle cards, and prioritize the battle cards that they should re-engineer first.


  • Outline the steps to assess your current portfolio of battle cards.
  • Measure how well your battle cards line up with how sales reps sell.
  • Define standards and recommendations for better battle cards.
  • Prioritize projects to re-engineer battle cards.

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