WEBINAR: Prepare To Reboot Your Interactive Agency Roster

  • Thursday, May 10, 2012
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With Interactive Marketing becoming a greater part of the marketing mix but also continuing to create new channels and media, agency partners are more important than ever. Many interactive marketers struggle to manage multiple agency partners yet are reluctant to trim their roster.

Having the right agencies requires that you clearly define your needs, define how you want your agencies to work together, and have a clear understanding of how each agency fits into the overall portfolio of services and support you need to achieve your goals.

This webinar lays out the steps and provides an agency roster map that Interactive Marketing Professionals can use to chart a clear vision for what their agency roster should look like this year and prepare them to make effective changes next year.


  • Interactive Marketing's Maturity And Growth Complicate Agency Relationships
  • Interactive Marketers Must Start By Maturing Their Agency Management Approach
  • Three Planning Steps Set The Stage
  • How To Map Your Current Agency Roster
  • Implementing Your Agency Roster Reboot

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