For a new technology that is just two years old, tablets are huge hit. For CIOs, the questions are: Will tablets last and what are the long-term implications? How do they interact with other personal computing innovations? Will they be widely adopted?

We outline the related trends that interact with tablets and size the global sales and installed base of tablets through 2016. We predict a new form of PC, frames, that will rise as a result of tablets and other technology innovations and why tablets will cannibalize laptops but not the new forms of desktop PCs. We then outline the strategic planning challenges for CIOs and predict how vendor strategies and offerings will evolve.


  • Which new technologies, customer behaviors, and vendors are disrupting the personal technology landscape?
  • What role will tablets play for consumers and info workers?
  • How will other hardware and services innovations interact with tablets?
  • How many and what kinds of tablets will be in use by 2016?
  • How will PCs and smartphones evolve under the influence of tablets?
  • What new innovations are bubbling to complement and enhance the tablet computing experience?

Vendors mentioned:, Apple, Barnes & Noble, eBen, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and Sony.

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