The technology enablers for the connected home have finally converged. Two types of offerings have emerged: 1) service providers pitching smart-home service bundles with monthly fees,  and 2) specialized vendors offering individual smart products that bring intelligence to a specific home need. Consumers show interest in home automation but find that fee-based solutions are still too complex and expensive. They’re turning to innovative products and startups, such as BioBeats, Evrythng, Revolv, SmartThings, and Ubi, which we will profile. As a result, the connected home will evolve incrementally, in bite-sized products that service providers will then pull together and orchestrate.


  • Why a connected home?
  • Most pieces of the connected-home puzzle are in place.
    - Technology barriers have largely eroded.
    - Suppliers have many smart products in the market.
    - Many consumers express interest in smart-home capabilities, but uptake is lacking.
  • The obvious problems are not the real one.
    - Connected-home technologies face the obvious problems...
    - ... and one that is more fundamental.
  • The connected home is a journey for customers and suppliers.
    - The bundled service approach will appeal to a niche of buyers.
    - The majority of adopters will evolve from one to multiple point solutions.
  • Three critical elements will catalyze federation of smart products.
  • User experience in the connected world requires streamlining.
    - Examples of pioneering vendors
  • Emerging end user technologies will boost customer expectations.
  • WIM: Connected-home tendrils will gradually extend.

Key takeaways:

  • CIOs, CTOs, and technology strategists will gain insight into the next wave of consumer emerging tech and how it might affect their offerings or employees.
  • Carriers will retune their offerings to solve point problems.
  • Point product startups will prepare for integration.
  • Marketing leaders will rethink how they partner for connected home.
  • Customer experience pros will expand the range of experiences they need to plan for.

Vendors mentioned: BioBeats, Evrythng, Revolv, SmartThings, and Ubi

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