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WEBINAR: Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Digital Customer Experience Part 2

  • Wednesday, September 26, 2012
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Whenever we ask Customer Experience Professionals how important it is to improve their digital customer experiences, they reply emphatically, "It's critical!" But still firms struggle to identify what digital experience improvements they need to make — and, once that's nailed down, how exactly to make them.

This two-part webinar gives Customer Experience Professionals the tools and processes they need to make digital customer experience improvements across touchpoints such as websites, mobile phones, and tablets. Forrester recommends 10 tactics for evaluating digital touchpoints and determining customers' needs, proven and emerging methodologies for redesigning digital interactions, and best practices for ensuring that your digital experiences support your business objectives.


  • No. 5: Get Outside Help When And Where You Need It
  • No. 4: Plan For The Post-Launch Reality
  • No. 3: Bolster Your Company's Brand
  • No. 2: Measure Digital Touchpoint Performance Against Business Metrics
  • No. 1: Unify The Overall Customer Experience

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