WEBINAR: Using Lessons Learned From Standardizing Battle Cards To Transform Sales Tools

  • Tuesday, February 7, 2012
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In recent months, Forrester took a journey to plumb the depths of sales battle cards — a highly inconsistent and dysfunctional asset — to identify obstacles and develop a method for making battle cards more valuable to sales teams. Along the way, we noticed that the problems thwarting battle cards also get in the way of delivering other internal sales tools, such as ROI calculators or customer references. Forrester's road map for overhauling battle cards also functions as a framework for transforming many other internal sales tools. The teams that create sales tools — product, industry, or marketing groups — tell Forrester a similar story; they know that the tools could provide more value to sales reps, but they don't have a road map that shows where or how to create that value.


  • Discuss how industry standards for battle cards result in a win-win scenario.
  • Review key attributes of battle card standards and how to apply them.
  • Learn how Forrester is adapting standards for additional types of sales tools.
  • Observe how emerging standards for ROI calculators change your point of view.
  • Get visibility into Forrester's road map to standardize the attributes of sales tools.

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