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WEBINAR: eCommerce In China And Brazil: A Look At How eCommerce Is Developing Very Differently In Two Of The World’s Largest Emerging Markets

  • Monday, December 12, 2011
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eBusinesses are increasingly looking outside of the developed eCommerce markets in North America and Europe for opportunities in the rapidly growing markets in Asia and Latin America. As the largest economies in each region, China and Brazil are both emerging as eCommerce powerhouses, yet the two markets are evolving very differently.

What are some of the eCommerce trends in these two key emerging markets? How have companies tailored their offerings to meet the unique demands of consumers in these two countries? Join us as we take a look at these two incredibly dynamic markets and discuss which online sales tactics can be effective in multiple emerging markets, and which ones must be completely localized.


  • Introduction
  • A Look At China’s eCommerce Market
  • A Look At Brazil’s eCommerce Market
  • Tactics That Work In Both Markets — And Those That Don’t

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