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November 14 – 15, 2023  |  Washington, D.C. & Digital

Create an Effective Trust Agenda

Security & Risk 2023 will bring immersive experiences that provide invaluable insights and actionable advice to drive better business results. During the event, we’ll give you guidance on how to grow your vision, improve your security strategy, hone your skills and expand your community. We are excited to offer you: 

  • 25+ role-based sessions aligned to your priorities 
  • Numerous session formats to meet your learning style including analyst presentations, panel discussions, fireside chats, and more 
  • Marketplace opportunities to help you find the right solution provider for your privacy and security needs 
  • Networking opportunities to help you expand your community, meet with Forrester analysts, and connect with peers facing similar challenges 

Key Topics

  • Building A High-Performing Security Team 
  • Zero Trust 
  • Cloud Security 
  • Identity & Fraud
  • Managing Risk 
  • Emerging Technologies 
  • Governance, Risk, And Compliance 
  • Privacy  

Track Themes

Trust Demands Leadership: A CISO Playbook For Competitive Advantage 

Effective security leadership plays a pivotal role in obtaining and preserving customer, partner, and employee trust in your business but its up to security leaders to make this common knowledge among board and executive team members. This track provides a forward-looking view of the interconnectedness of leadership, trust, and cybersecurity as a competitive advantage. Attendees will gain valuable insights into how three externalities 1) customers/partners; 2) cyber insurers; and 3) regulators continue to enshrine cybersecurity as a cost of doing business, with trust becoming the most valuable outcome produced by cybersecurity leaders. 

Seize Opportunities And Close Business Risk Blind Spots 

It has been a tumultuous past several years, marked with a pandemic, supply chain disruptions, geopolitical upheaval, and economic uncertainty. But now is not the time to slow down. Instead, seek new opportunities, spot gaps in competitors offerings and fill them, identify underserved customers and create new offerings, and predict how events will unfold to respond to current and future customer needs. Come learn how cyber risk, including privacy and data, can be turned into a practiced response that can quickly adapt to the ever-changing risk landscape. 

Adapt To Chaos: Evolve Defense For The Trusted Enterprise 

The challenges caused by the changing and evolving nature of IT threats and the complexity of the IT environment strain security leaders, their teams, and the technology that they depend on. Security programs must continuously evolve to meet these challenges in the trusted enterprise and doing so requires agility, flexibility, and a strategy that protects organizations today while evolving for the future. In this track, you will learn how to evolve your security program by strategically melding prevention, detection, and response with Zero Trust to protect your trusted enterprise. 


Catapult Products To Success With Cloud And Application Security 

To protect applications in the cloud, security leaders must contend with a complex ecosystem that includes APIs, containers, serverless functions, and orchestration tools such as Kubernetes. Modern development and deployment methodologies dont have to be securitys biggest source of frustration. In this track, learn the security approaches that turn these methodologies to your advantage, accelerate the development lifecycle, and secure your business-critical applications. 

Optimize User Experience With Identity Security & Fraud Management 

The increasing sophistication in online fraud, identify theft, and other malicious activity is forcing security leaders to detect and mitigate these abuses quickly and effectively to minimize losses. It also requires new identity security technologies for authentication and verification, all of which must be deployed in ways that do not impair (and possibly even improve) the user experience of customers, employees, or partners. Join this track to discover the latest technologies and trends transforming identity security and fraud and how you can apply them to foster a trusted enterprise

Who Should Attend

Security & Risk is the only event to offer attendees the latest research, models, and frameworks, paired with extensive access to the analysts who created them. Case studies, peer exchanges, and inspirational keynotes all contribute to helping security and risk leaders, together with their teams, secure the organization, build trust and move the business forward.

One Event Fits All Sizes
Whether you work at a large or emerging company, Forrester’s research can help. Over 40% of our attendees are from companies with over 10,000 employees. 

Our Delegates Generate Income on Any Scale
Security & Risk leaders protect the organization and its revenue. A third of our attendees come from companies who have yearly revenues of over $1 Billion dollars each year.

Our Delegates Serve Multiple Industries
Hear from leaders in your industry and learn the tactics they are deploying to thrive in a changing buyer market. Most of our attendees come from Software, Financial Services, Government,  Business Services, Healthcare, and Manufacturing industries.

Our Delegates Are Leaders
Over 25% of delegates are top decision makers and over 60% are decision influencers. We have tailored sessions that equip you with the tools you need when approaching key pivotal decisions.

Our Delegates Are Global
Your priorities vary based on your region. At Security & Risk, we focus on content on trending topics seen throughout the Americas. 

Security & Risk · November 14 – 15, 2023 · Washington, D.C. & Digital