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WEBINAR: How To Create Amazing Call Center Customer Experiences

  • Thursday, March 10, 2011
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Call centers offer companies daily opportunities to create meaningful connections with customers, which in turn increase customer loyalty and generate incremental revenue. But Customer Experience Professionals largely ignore call centers in favor of sexier digital interactions, like mobile and social. Consumers have noticed: They're less satisfied with call centers than they are with websites and in-person interactions, and satisfaction rates have been heading south over the past several years.

Now companies face a major decision: continue to disappoint customers by conducting business as usual or embark on a journey to drastically improve the customer experience. Customer Experience Professionals need to help their firms down the path to improvement by working with call center leaders on two major initiatives: 1) They must overhaul their call center culture. 2) They must leverage user-centered design tools and methods to develop a better call center customer experience.


  • What are the business benefits of amazing call center customer experiences?
  • Why do call centers continue to disappoint customers, frustrate agents, and fail brands?
  • How can companies develop a customer-centric call center culture?
  • What call center metrics really matter for customer experience?
  • How can execs leverage the tools and methods of user-centered design in the call center?

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