Abhijit Sunil


Abhijit is an analyst serving infrastructure and operations professionals. His research focuses on sustainability, specializing in technology sustainability strategy and how sustainability initiatives create business value. His work analyzes how technology aids sustainability initiatives as well as how IT can be a risk for sustainability. His research also covers data centers and colocation, enterprise IT networks, and 5G.

The Forrester Technology Sustainability Framework
July 26th, 202115 min read

It's 2020, and the industrial sector can no longer ignore the mandate for environmental sustainability. This is especially true for technology. Organizations that demand customer goodwill and trust are creating sound sustainability strategies and assessin

Assess Your Own Sustainability ROI
April 22nd, 20218 min read

Mankind is now both more powerful and more vulnerable than at any previous point in human history. Fortunately, technology enables us to solve some of the toughest problems, even those that technology itself creates. As more government mandates take shape

, Jan Sythoff
Factors Driving The ROI Of Sustainability
April 22nd, 20215 min read

Environmental responsibility and sustainability impact the survival and growth of every organization. International reports and treaties, such as the 2018 IPCC report on global warming of 1.5°C and the Paris Agreement of 2016, clearly lay out the contribu

, Jan Sythoff
Data Center And Colocation Market Trends, 2021
January 20th, 20216 min read

The colocation and data center industry has been undergoing rapid shifts in both the vendor landscape and the ways that customers consume services. This report identifies five major themes we'll see in the colocation market in 2021 and beyond and helps in

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