Tom Mouhsian

Principal Analyst

Tom is a principal analyst based in Singapore, serving customer experience (CX) professionals across Asia Pacific. His research mainly focuses on the role of customer experience in driving business growth and differentiation. In addition, Tom provides technical skills training and advisory on how to collaborate, design, and then wire customer experience to financial performance results, thus helping companies to prioritize their efforts and build a stronger business case for CX transformations.

How To Make The CFO Your Ally
August 27th, 20218 min read

This report explains what makes CFOs tick and offers tangible advice to CX leaders who want to collaborate more effectively with their CFOs and finance teams.

The Trust Imperative In Singapore, 2021
August 6th, 202111 min read

This report, which is based on a study of consumers in the US, the UK, France, Singapore, and India, dives deep into the data from Singapore to gain insights into how to build trust among customers and employees there.

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