WEBINAR: Using The Value Equation As A Design Point To Engineer Sales Conversations

  • Wednesday, November 14, 2012
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Please note: This call was originally scheduled for 10/30 at 11am Eastern time


Regardless of a salesperson's conversational skills, the conversation still has to be about something the buyer cares about — or else there won't be many more. But how likely is an executive going to agree to meet with someone who knows only how to talk about their product or service? Even less likely, then, will that executive invest the time in a lengthy sales cycle to see demos and evaluate the merits of your features and functions and compare them to your competitors — because they have staff who can do that.

In this webinar, research director Scott Santucci highlights the differences between a value proposition and a value equation and provides an overview of the detailed attributes that must be successfully communicated — and to whom — over the course of a sales process in order to tip the scales in your favor.


  • What are the specific pressures at work that are challenging the traditional way vendors have been attempting to communicate value?
  • What is a value proposition anyway, and how do executive buyers perceive value?
  • What is a value equation and how can it be used to help improve messaging, sales strategies, and sales coaching?
  • What are some specific examples of the value equation at work?

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