Charlie Dai

Principal Analyst

Charlie serves enterprise architecture professionals and offers strategic advice and guidance to Forrester clients in broad areas, including cloud (cloud-native and hybrid cloud management), big data and AI (machine learning and computer vision), IoT (IoT device OS and IoT software platforms), blockchain, quantum computing, digital process automation, DevOps, and open source software. He has rich experience in technology strategy, enterprise architecture, and software delivery management. Charlie is leading the global research on technology architecture in several emerging technology areas. He also focuses on the vendor landscape and best practices in China, Asia Pacific, and worldwide.

Charlie is a key contributor to the consulting team that helps Forrester's clients address their business requirements and accelerate digital transformation. Charlie has extensive program management experience, rich industry expertise, and a passion for helping customers achieve success.

Q&A: Decoding The Digital Yuan
July 13th, 2021 14 min read

This report helps business and technology executives at financial services firms and companies that provide digital platforms understand what the digital yuan entails and how they need to adapt their digital business strategy.

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