Brandon Purcell

VP, Principal Analyst

Brandon serves customer insights professionals, covering customer analytics and artificial intelligence. His work helps organizations derive meaningful insights from customer data to attract and retain customers, increase customer loyalty and profitability, and inform product development and service delivery. His research agenda also includes artificial intelligence strategy with a specific focus on responsible and ethical AI.

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Planned Research

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November 18th, 2021 - November 19th, 2021 Forum

Data Strategy & Insights 2021

Data Strategy & Insights. Business leaders, technology leaders and CX leaders all want and need to harness their data in order to be successful. Data professionals can be the connective tissue that enables any business to maximize its potential, eliminate redundancies and accelerate growth. But it’s not only about being connected: it’s about being in control, having confidence in data integrity and using data insights to take business to the next level. Data Strategy & Insights offers you the opportunity to shape your data, analytics, and AI strategy for the decade ahead.