Rani Salehi

Principal Analyst

Rani has 25 years of B2B experience as a senior-level marketing executive and business growth leader who leverages ingenuity and vision to create progressive marketing and branding strategies that help companies convert mindshare to market share. Known for a passionate and analytical marketing approach, Rani has a unique vision of marketing as an art designed between revenue and brand; this is what sets her apart and has helped her earn award-winning recognition in her marketing programs.

Rani’s career encapsulates a history of successfully repositioning companies for digital pivots; identifying and capitalizing on emerging technology; innovating new marketing approaches; and working successfully across industry, geographic, sales, and commercialization matrices. She has a gift for bringing out the best in others and empowering marketing teams with fresh go-to-market strategies that yield success.

The SMART Goal-Setting Template
February 10th, 20212 min read

Users can view the function’s or individual’s average ability and importance scores for all competencies within each assessment category and the average leverage scores for each subcategory within a particular category, and use these scores to identify

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