Jessie Johnson

Principal Analyst

Jessie is a principal analyst in demand and account-based marketing research focused on real-time buyer enablement, conversational interactions, and emerging trends in program design and activation to fuel the revenue engine.

November 19th, 202110 min read

B2B organizations are leveraging conversational interactions with buyers to improve engagement, enable buyers in real time, and capture buying signals to inform and trigger the next best interaction.

August 9th, 202119 min read

In this report, we explore the network of buying signal sensors that already exists inside the tactic mix, define the core components of signal sensor design, and provide guidance for the design of buying signal sensors.

March 9th, 202113 min read

In this report, we provide guidance for understanding the dimensions and characteristics of B2B buying signals, classifying those signals across systems and workflows, and embedding sense-and-respond capabilities into demand program design.

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