Stephanie Liu


Steph is an analyst serving B2C marketing professionals. Her research focuses on the intersection of marketing and privacy and how to strike a delicate balance between privacy, trust, and consumer expectation, all while navigating a rapidly shifting landscape of regulation and tech limitations. She examines topics like zero-party data, preference centers, the customer data ecosystem, and how to deliver personalized experiences without being creepy. She previously covered marketing resource management and mobile engagement automation in addition to privacy.

Steph’s work has been featured in AdExchanger, Forbes, and elsewhere; she has been quoted in publications such as the New York Times, CNBC, Marketplace, CMSWire, and Beet.TV.

How To Pivot To People-Led Planning
June 30th, 2021 11 min read

Static marketing plans — often relegated to a single spreadsheet that marketers revisit a handful of times a year, if ever — can't abide when a global pandemic has disrupted markets, halted media, and abruptly adjusted consumer behaviors. CMOs must pivot

Now Tech: Zero-Party Data Solutions, Q2 2021
May 21st, 2021 5 min read

Marketers can use zero-party data (ZPD) solutions to ask customers for information that's hard to infer, deliver personalization that isn't creepy, and gauge how much consumers trust their brand. Once you've developed a ZPD strategy, a diverse set of ZPD

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