Driving Revenue Growth Through Better Brand Recognition

Despite being the leading provider of tax compliance software in the UK and Irish markets, Tax Systems suffered from low brand recognition it was known primarily by the name of its flagship product. To help bolster the company’s brand resonance, Tax Systems turned to Forrester. Head of Product Marketing Garry Young describes in this video how Forrester helped Tax Systems differentiate its value proposition, create cohesive messaging, and strengthen its go-to-market position. Young also explains how this work has dramatically improved business results.  

We’ve achieved a lot with Forrester, but if I were to summarize the things that I’m most proud of, I think it’s the fact that we have a much more effective go-to-market position, a more effective sales team, a completely different company brand … and the result of this has been really impactful.

Garry Young
Head of Product Marketing, Tax Systems