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Meet Izola: Accelerating Forrester’s GenAI Future

Izola synthesizes Forrester’s research to enable clients to move faster on their top priorities and have more informed conversations with Forrester experts who apply and contextualize Forrester insights to their business-critical initiatives.

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Focus On GenAI In India Will Drive Core Modernization And SaaS Adoption In 2024

In 2024, generative AI will find its way into many initiatives across companies in India. Read our top five India technology predictions for 2024 here.

GenAI Accelerates Your Agile Knowledge Management Transformation

As technology continues to evolve, so does the future of operations. Advancements in natural language processing and deep learning will make AI-driven operations and agile knowledge management even more intuitive and human-like.

Cooking Up A Storm: AI Will Drive Process Industry Innovation

Learn how cooking can be a metaphor for process simulation, an underestimated tool for manufacturers as they prepare their data for generative AI.

Avoid Zombie AI Projects With Our Best Practices

Download our AI myths and best practices guide. Learn how to avoid missteps, prioritize value, and move AI projects out of limbo with quick wins.


GenAI’s World-Changing Power Is Putting Knowledge To Work

Generative AI will not just disrupt — it will shatter markets, industries, and economies in waves over the next 10 to 15 years. We sense this, but why and how will this happen? We think that generative AI drives the cost of knowledge activation to zero and creates a virtual knowledge loop that increases what is known in the world by more people. We are launching deep research into this topic and invite you to join us.

GenAI Will Shatter And Reconstruct Every Company And Industry

How will generative AI reconstruct companies, industries, countries, and roles? Our analysts try to answer one of the biggest questions in business today.

re:Invent 2023 — Is AWS In Unfamiliar Territory As A Follower?

At AWS re:Invent 2023 the AI announcements were underwhelming despite high expectations. Find out more in this extended review of the event.

This Week In AI, UK Edition: Much Ado About Not That Much

The new UK AI bill in Parliament is likely to add up to less practical impact than you might think. Find out why.

Predictions 2024: Where Will AI Go Next?

Where will AI go next? That’s the biggest question of 2024. In this special episode, nine Forrester analysts discuss what’s behind our 2024 predictions for AI and what the implications will be. 

Orbiting Back On A Year Of Generative AI As We Slingshot Ourselves Into The Future

A year after the release of ChatGPT, we take a look back at where it all started, where things stand today, and where we can expect generative AI to go in 2024 and beyond.

OpenAI Has Five Possible Paths To Monetization

For OpenAI to further scale its grand ambitions, it will need to evaluate five routes to monetization. We rank them from most to least likely.

Tech Leaders: Drive Toward Successful Business Outcomes In 2024

Discover the three distinct ways that leading CIOs are driving their firm’s growth agenda (and how they’re using generative AI).

Get Bullish On These 2024 Tech Budget Line Items

Download our 2024 Planning Guide for Technology Executives to learn where to halt legacy spending — and boost tech budgets to power the business growth agenda.

B2C Marketing, Digital & CX


How GenAI Is Impacting The Social Tech Landscape

Generative AI’s emergence triggered a landslide of interest and experimentation across sectors, including social media and content. Forrester’s Global AI Software Forecast, 2023 To 2030 supports this, as content marketing is the third-largest category for specialized genAI software spend. The rapid evolution of generative AI technology within the social tech landscape has sparked a race […]

People Avoid Chatbots — Here’s How Your Company Can Make Its Bot Better

Creating an effective chatbot is hard. To get it right, you need to master conversation design, a new discipline for creating experiences that are based on conversational AI, and you need to know where and when to use new technologies like generative AI.

Humane’s “Ai Pin” Is An Engineering Feat — Not A Replacement For A Smartphone or Smartwatch

Humane's Ai Pin won’t see mass market adoption in the near term. Find out why.

Self-Aware AI Is Here — Just Not How You Imagine It

AI can unleash magic, but it’s not inherently as magical as some of the hype would have you believe.

329: What CX Leaders Need To Know About Generative AI

Senior Analyst AJ Joplin goes deeper into how to design, plan, and facilitate a workshop, this time discussing approaches to designing the workshop activities. Whether your workshop is for journey mapping or experience design, AJ explains how to guide participants to outcomes.


Predictions 2024: CX Leaders Embrace GenAI

Customer experience (CX) leaders are positioned to win big with generative AI (genAI) in 2024. But there’s a caveat: They must identify and augment the right drivers of CX performance. Learn more about CX in 2024 in this episode featuring VP and Research Director Martin Gill and Principal Analyst Judy Weader. 

Introducing Forrester’s Generative AI Consumer Outlook Quarterly Blog Series

It’s been almost a year since ChatGPT made its big splash in late 2022 and consumers are both cautious and optimistic. This new blog series will track the latest consumer outlook for generative AI.

Where Are CX Leaders Targeting Their 2024 Spend?

Download our 2024 Planning Guide for Customer Experience Leaders to see where AI investments deliver the greatest gains — and three redundant priorities to pull back on.


How GenAI Will Reshape CRM’s Value

GenAI in CRM will make your front office more productive, help deliver better customer experiences, and unlock new revenue opportunities. Learn more in this post.

Do You Understand GenAI? You Need To, Especially If You’re A CX Leader

Do you understand generative AI? Forrester’s data shows that 54% of AI decision-makers believe their organization’s executive team is “very familiar” with it — but we’ve observed widespread misunderstandings among execs of what it is, how it works behind the curtain, and what it can do. So last week we published a new, FAQ-style report […]

B2B Marketing, Sales & Product


Generative AI Will Displace Frontline B2B Marketing Jobs, And You’re Not Ready

Generative AI, as it stands today, is a minimally viable solution for frontline marketers. But that’s going to change. Generative AI will revolutionize frontline B2B marketing, offering both opportunities and threats to the status quo. Forrester forecasts that automation and AI overall will replace 4.9% of US jobs by 2030. With unique regard to frontline […]

Many B2B CMOs Don’t Understand The Data Requirements For GenAI

Rushing in to adopt generative AI (genAI) in marketing without setting the right foundation or assessing readiness is a mistake. Harnessing the benefits of genAI effectively requires huge amounts of data, both structured and unstructured, possibly from various different sources. Imagine this scenario: Your marketing team is working to launch a genAI-powered campaign that’s designed […]

Go Beyond The Hype: What B2B CMOs Should Do About GenAI Now

The call to action for B2B marketing is to be agile, get active, and not stay on the sidelines of generative AI. Learn the four key areas your readiness assessment should focus on.

How Will Generative AI Change B2B Marketing?

For all the FOMO that generative AI has inspired among B2B marketers, many aren’t sure where to start with it. Principal Analyst Lisa Gately shares her insights this week on What It Means.

Product Managers: Get Ready To Harness Generative AI And Drive Offering Success

There is much hype around generative AI as it continues being applied across the entire enterprise, from marketing and design to sales. How can product management get in on the action, and what can it even do to help offerings grow?

Clari’s Acquisition Of Groove Is A Milestone For Revenue Tech

Clari’s acqusition of Groove cements the convergence happening at the core of sales tech and is a milestone for the market.

Announcing Forrester’s Embedded Conversation Automation Landscape For B2B Marketing

Conversational AI, chatbots, and automated marketing are not new to B2B marketing technology stacks. B2B marketing organizations leverage conversation automation solutions to better understand and enable buyers, customers, and internal teams by integrating signal-responsive conversations into existing workflows, tactics, and content experiences that span the full customer lifecycle. Conversation automation is quickly becoming integral to […]

Empower Your Marketing Org To Drive A Bigger Impact With GenAI

Download our generative AI (genAI) guide for CMOs to create a clear vision and strategy for B2B marketing genAI adoption with guardrails to mitigate risk — and a framework to assess your readiness.


Frontline Marketing “Innovation Coalition” Key To Generative AI Success For B2B Marketers

Frontline B2B marketing functions such as demand and ABM may be more intensely impacted than others by generative AI. Learn how these teams can take charge.

Employee Experience


Hollywood Strikes Spark AI Negotiations In Every Creative Industry

Learn how the outcome of the Hollywood strikes could set a precedent for other creative industries grappling with the impact of AI.

Modern Work Complexity Requires A Modern Collaboration Model

Effective collaboration is harder than ever. You read that right: Despite all the advances in collaboration technologies in recent years, the complexities of enabling successful collaboration continue to mount. Our new report helps clients contend with these escalating challenges. Consider just two of the major forces reshaping collaboration in real time: Hybrid work is introducing […]

Why I’m Not Writing About Generative AI

Be a leader that can lead this technology cycle as well as the next one by having the leadership chops that work for any technology wave.

The Four M’s Of Strategic Workplace AI

Learn how to incorporate AI more quickly and effectively by using the four M's of workplace AI strategy: multiplier, magic, mistakes, and mayhem.

Government Leaders: Generative AI Is Your Use Case For Culture Change

New AI tools offer managers in government ways to safely encourage experimentation in daily work tasks, benefitting overall cultural energy.

The Robots Are Not Coming — They Are Already Here: The Future Of Physical Automation Will Be People-Driven

Physical automation is sneaking into many workplaces and customer experiences. Learn more about the trends that will drive adoption of 10 critical physical automation categories.

Autonomous Workplace Assistants Get A Boost From Generative AI

Learn how the emerging technology of generative AI could change autonomous workplace assistants.

The Edge Of The Age Of AI

Old AI is to generative AI as Yahoo! is to Google. And it's poised to change every job, dramatically altering the future of work.

Generative AI Is Coming To Coaching, Ready Or Not

AI could eventually scale the power of coaching deeper into the organization. But it's a long way from that today.

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