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The Generative AI Inflection Point

Generative AI (genAI) has driven a lot of change in a short period. Senior Analyst Rowan Curran and Vice President and Principal Analyst J. P. Gownder discuss the genAI inflection point and its impact on the future of work.

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Spend On Generative AI Will Grow 36% Annually To 2030

Generative AI’s meteoric rise can be compared to the launch of social media, the smartphone, and the internet. The technology’s wide applicability across industries and occupations will drive massive growth, Forrester’s new forecast shows.

Supercharging Data Fabrics With Generative AI

With the explosion of interest in generative AI and large language models, data fabric is poised to accelerate data democratization. Find out why.

The GenAI Imperative

Generative AI isn't crypto, or blockchain, or the metaverse. Unlike other new technologies, for which we typically advise a cautious approach, we believe you must act on genAI now.

Get Bullish On These 2024 Tech Budget Line Items

Download our 2024 Planning Guide for Technology Executives to learn where to halt legacy spending — and boost tech budgets to power the business growth agenda.


Vector Database: The Key To Unlocking The Power Of Generative AI

In the age of generative AI (genAI), vector databases are becoming increasingly important. They provide a critical capability for storing and retrieving high-dimensional vector representations, essential for supporting large language models (LLMs). Unlike traditional databases that are optimized for exact matches, vector databases are designed to support similarity searches. Vector databases are ideal for applications […]

Black Hat USA 2023: Insights From Our Short Vegas Residency

Black Hat USA 2023: Insights From Our Short Vegas Residency Black Hat has gone from being RSAC’s smaller tech and practitioner-focused cousin to being a commercial showcase for cybersecurity vendors. A tightly packed, noisy Business Hall included over 300 vendors and 400 organizations with booths, which was great for swag but bad for anyone with […]

AI And The Tech Talent Crisis — It’s Complicated

The AI explosion is having a complex impact on the tech workforce. In this episode, we’ll look at how AI has added to — and may alleviate — tech talent challenges.

Think AI Has Reshaped Cloud? Wait Until You See What’s Next.

Last month, I published The Future Of Cloud report and a corresponding blog post to talk about its future as abstracted, intelligent, and composable. Let’s take a closer look at the “intelligent” component and what it means amid the intense interest in generative AI today and long-term trends in cloud. Cloud is nearly always mentioned […]

Annual Planning 2024: Now Is The Time For Tech Leaders To Reinvigorate Their Role In The Growth Agenda

For 2023, Forrester recommended a steadfast approach to technology decisions to reconcile any hasty investments made in the pandemic years. With that work now forming the foundation for future business growth, it’s time to accelerate into 2024 with a pragmatic approach to innovation. Learn three key areas where you should focus your 2024 tech spend.

Generative AI TuringBots Win Again In Forrester’s Top 10 Emerging Technologies

Not only are TuringBots again in Forrester’s The Top 10 Emerging Technologies report, but they are expected to deliver ROI much earlier than predicted. Find out why.

Don't Get Misled By Unrealistic AI And Security Expectations

Learn the truth behind ML’s madness, how AI and security (really) work in detection and response, and red-flag claims to avoid.

B2C Marketing, Digital & CX


Market Limbo Requires That Marketers Remain Limber

For 2024, marketing executives must steer clear of “growth at any cost” and make strategic decisions about their B2C marketing budgets and work closely with CX and digital teams. Read our recommendations.

Half Of Generative AI Users Are Indiscriminate About Data Use

Despite the risks, over half of US online adults who have used generative AI said they are “fine” with using ChatGPT to analyze data from their company, while 45% have no issues with prompting ChatGPT using their personal information.

Generative AI Can Help Design Now — And It’s Just The Beginning

Generative AI will transform design — and not merely by creating images, which are just the visible tip of the design iceberg, but by assisting with designing products and interactions, improving user research, and more.

Generative AI Has Answers, But SEO Practitioners Are Still Guessing

We tackle two of the most common questions we're hearing about generative AI's potential impact on search engine optimization.

Where Are CX Leaders Targeting Their 2024 Spend?

Download our 2024 Planning Guide for Customer Experience Leaders to see where AI investments deliver the greatest gains — and three redundant priorities to pull back on.


Generative AI Needs Design And Will Transform It

Forrester VP and Principal Analyst David Truog brings his expertise in emerging technologies to the CX Cast, discussing the current state of generative AI and its relationship to design.


Q2 2023: These Five Priorities Are Most Critical To B2C CMOs

We asked US-based B2C CMOs what's top of mind for the back half of 2023. Here's what we learned.

Generative AI Revolutionizes Marketing Creativity

Lean into generative AI to make marketing smarter, production faster, and creators more inspired.

The Age Of Agents? How GenAI And Digital Agents Could Rewrite The Rules Of Digital Strategy

Today’s winning digital strategies could be rendered meaningless by digital agents such as AgentGPT. Read this blog to learn why.

B2B Marketing, Sales & Product


Clari’s Acquisition Of Groove Is A Milestone For Revenue Tech

Clari’s acqusition of Groove cements the convergence happening at the core of sales tech and is a milestone for the market.

Announcing Forrester’s Embedded Conversation Automation Landscape For B2B Marketing

Conversational AI, chatbots, and automated marketing are not new to B2B marketing technology stacks. B2B marketing organizations leverage conversation automation solutions to better understand and enable buyers, customers, and internal teams by integrating signal-responsive conversations into existing workflows, tactics, and content experiences that span the full customer lifecycle. Conversation automation is quickly becoming integral to […]

Frontline Marketing “Innovation Coalition” Key To Generative AI Success For B2B Marketers

Frontline B2B marketing functions such as demand and ABM may be more intensely impacted than others by generative AI. Learn how these teams can take charge.

How B2B Marketing, Sales, And Product Can Align To Drive Growth In 2024

Planning season is the perfect time for B2B revenue engine leaders to address common challenges, share functional insights and competencies, and build a customer-obsessed growth strategy.

How Should CMOs Invest To Fuel Customer-Obsessed Growth?

Download our 2024 Planning Guide for B2B Marketing Leaders to see where to invest, divest, and experiment with funding your growth agenda.


CMOs: Is Generative AI On Your Mind?

I do not have to convince anyone today that generative AI (genAI) technology is a huge trend and a potentially massive disruption to the way work gets done. You know something is incredibly popular when your next-door neighbor stops you outside your door and starts talking about the out-of-the-world benefits (or their fears) of the […]

Can Generative AI Save Journalism?

News organizations were early AI adopters. How AI evolves in journalism may hold lessons for other content-rich industries.

One Destination, Many Paths: The Content Engagement Solutions Landscape

B2B marketers spend ample time seeking better ways to engage their audiences, convert them to buyers, and retain them as customers. While content is central to engagement, audience expectations for contextually relevant, personalized content know no limits. To get content right, technology is key, but there are many paths to the ideal content destination. In […]

Two Generative AI Experiments For Portfolio Marketers Building B2B Messaging

Generative AI has the potential to impact B2B messaging for the better. It can help craft messages based on buyers’ needs, but this requires experimentation and iteration. This blog post highlights two areas where portfolio marketers should explore using generative AI in their messaging process.

Employee Experience


Modern Work Complexity Requires A Modern Collaboration Model

Effective collaboration is harder than ever. You read that right: Despite all the advances in collaboration technologies in recent years, the complexities of enabling successful collaboration continue to mount. Our new report helps clients contend with these escalating challenges. Consider just two of the major forces reshaping collaboration in real time: Hybrid work is introducing […]

Why I’m Not Writing About Generative AI

Be a leader that can lead this technology cycle as well as the next one by having the leadership chops that work for any technology wave.

The Four M’s Of Strategic Workplace AI

Learn how to incorporate AI more quickly and effectively by using the four M's of workplace AI strategy: multiplier, magic, mistakes, and mayhem.

Government Leaders: Generative AI Is Your Use Case For Culture Change

New AI tools offer managers in government ways to safely encourage experimentation in daily work tasks, benefitting overall cultural energy.

The Robots Are Not Coming — They Are Already Here: The Future Of Physical Automation Will Be People-Driven

Physical automation is sneaking into many workplaces and customer experiences. Learn more about the trends that will drive adoption of 10 critical physical automation categories.

Autonomous Workplace Assistants Get A Boost From Generative AI

Learn how the emerging technology of generative AI could change autonomous workplace assistants.

The Edge Of The Age Of AI

Old AI is to generative AI as Yahoo! is to Google. And it's poised to change every job, dramatically altering the future of work.

Generative AI Is Coming To Coaching, Ready Or Not

AI could eventually scale the power of coaching deeper into the organization. But it's a long way from that today.

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