Client Success Stories

Learn how Forrester has helped leaders stay ahead of change, tackle their most pressing priorities, and ready their teams to deliver results in record time.

Customer Experience

Explore how Forrester has helped CX leaders transform their organizations and deliver demonstrable business results.

Best Buy

Best Buy Evolves Its Leadership, Strategy, And Operations For Customer Obsession

Customer obsession is encoded in Best Buy’s DNA. Learn how working with Forrester helped the company sharpen its CX vision and infuse customer obsession throughout its operations.


Building A Scalable CX Team Structure With Dell

Discover how the Services organization at Dell designed a scalable CX team structure that’s gone from small to robust.

NRG Energy

NRG Shifted Its Culture For Customer Relationship Management

Find out how NRG created a customer-focused culture that strengthened and streamlined customer relationship management.

TD Bank

Achieving Cross-Functional Alignment For Customer Experience

Cross-functional alignment is critical in customer experience. Learn how Forrester helped rally TD Bank around CX.

TD Bank

TD Bank’s Customer-Centric CX Measurement Strategy

Discover how Forrester enabled TD Bank to build an effective, customer-centric CX measurement strategy.

Software AG

Software AG’s Data-Driven Approach To Customer Feedback

Software AG uses customer feedback and experience data to drive higher win rates. Discover how in this video.

Quest Diagnostics

Why Customer Experience Leaders Succeed With Forrester

Hear why Forrester Decisions for Customer Experience is a game changer compared to traditional consulting firms.

Quest Diagnostics

Inside Quest Diagnostics’ Progress With Journey Mapping

Quest Diagnostics has made huge strides with journey mapping and customer understanding, with support from Forrester.

Discount Tire

How Discount Tire Set Up A Successful Customer Advisory Board

Hear how Forrester helped Discount Tire set up a customer advisory board that’s still successful five years on.

B2B Marketing

Learn how Forrester has helped B2B marketing leaders drive meaningful change and deliver value to the business.

Tax Systems

Driving Revenue Growth Through Better Brand Recognition

Hear how Tax Systems doubled the size of its deals and cut its time to close deals by nearly half after working with Forrester to refine its messaging.

SAS Institute

How SAS Aligned Marketing And Sales

Wanting to prove how marketing could turbocharge sales efforts, SAS turned to Forrester. Hear how implementing Forrester’s Plan-On-A-Page methodology tightened marketing-sales alignment — and proved marketing’s strategic value in the process.

F5 Networks

Bring A New SaaS-Based Solution To Your Existing Customer Base

Hear how F5 Networks worked with Forrester to launch a new, transformative SaaS-based solution via its partner ecosystem.


Turn Customer Value Into Revenue

Discover how Zebra Technologies strengthened the link between marketing and revenue by prioritizing customer value.


Elevate The Digital Experience For Better CX

Digital experience is a core component of customer experience (CX). When Zebra Technologies recognized that its digital experience was not providing the caliber of CX that it needed to, it turned to Forrester for help.


How Twilio Supercharged Its Brand Awareness

To make inroads with new audiences, Twilio needed its marketing teams working in unison. Learn how Forrester helped.

Red Hat

How Forrester Helped Red Hat Boost Its Marketing ROI

How does a world-leading open-source software provider stay ahead of competitors? With help from Forrester. Hear how Forrester’s regional expertise, robust resources, and hands-on guidance have enhanced Red Hat’s presence in Asia Pacific.


Sharpen Buyer Personas To Drive Impact

Effective marketing and selling comes down to knowing your buyers. Learn how Forrester frameworks helped Delinea better define its audience and messaging.

NTT Data

How Market Insights Help Sharpen NTT DATA’s Strategic Edge

Hear how using Forrester Market Insights has helped a team at NTT DATA raise its visibility and drive sales success.


Prove Marketing ROI Amid Continual Change

Hear how partnering with Forrester helped Philips stay attuned to its evolving client base and lift marketing ROI.


Why VMWare Tanzu Ditched MQLs For Buying Groups

Shifting focus away from marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) can help marketing teams improve efficiency and performance. Hear about VMWare Tanzu’s journey and how Forrester supported its work.

RCG Global

How RCG Turned Brand Strategy Into Fuel For Growth

A strong brand can be a powerful growth catalyst. Hear how RCG Global Services worked with Forrester to sharpen its B2B brand strategy and audience targeting to help drive predictable growth.


Build A Unified, Customer-Centric Marketing Approach

Being customer-focused takes commitment. Hear how Forrester helped Philips pivot from product-centric marketing and gain a common language for tackling shared priorities.


Rev The Demand Engine Through Tighter Marketing And Sales Alignment

Looking to revive its demand generation performance, Philips turned to Forrester. Hear how the partnership helped turn things around.


Craft Customer-Centric Messaging That Converts

Singapore-based Lightstorm needed to get the messaging supporting its new network-as-a-service solution just right. Learn how Forrester helped create customer-centric messaging that resonates.

Fuel Sales Pipeline By Aligning The Go-To-Market Approach

Formed from many acquisitions, needed to unify its operations and messaging. Working with Forrester helped the marketing organization sharpen its focus and increase its impact.


How Alteryx Demystified Marketing Value

Wanting to quantify the contribution of marketing in a more intuitive way, Alteryx’s CMO turned to Forrester. Hear how Forrester helped him arrive at a clear set of metrics and goals that the company universally embraces.

Veeam Software

Veeam: Channel Demand Excellence Propels Growth Of Low-Touch Partners

Struggling with partner engagement, the backup and recovery software company Veeam turned to Forrester. Learn how they energized partner relationships and ramped up results.


Adopt A Customer-Centric Campaign Approach

Life sciences tech company Medidata needed to move from a product-centric marketing approach to one that’s focused on customer needs. Partnering with Forrester helped Medidata create holistic, audience-centric campaigns and simplify measurement.


Build A Durable, Scalable Marketing Infrastructure

Learn how working with Forrester helped the healthcare technology platform Verato build a marketing organization that supports today’s demands and tomorrow’s growth.

HCL Technologies

Amplify Digital Marketing’s Impact

For HCL Technologies, the Forrester relationship has been key in boosting digital marketing effectiveness and scaling the company’s reach.


Make Bold Moves Through Data-Driven Insights

Learn how partnering with Forrester helps the content platform provider validate crucial decisions and build a foundation for growth.


Scale Marketing Operations To Fuel Fast Growth

Hear how working with Forrester helped Acronis build and scale its marketing operations function to meet the needs of a fast-growing company.


Build A Best-In-Class Partner Engagement Program

Learn how Forrester’s research and hands-on guidance is helping Equinix, a digital infrastructure company, strengthen its channel partner engagement.


Align Across Regions And Tap New Opportunities

Hear how Forrester helped Lexmark align its messaging, spend, and measurements across 170 countries and tap vast new growth opportunities.

B2B Sales & Product

Discover how sales organizations have partnered with Forrester to increase productivity and fuel top performance.


Assess Functional Performance To Improve Product Effectiveness

Hear how DDI worked with Forrester to better understand its buyers, uncover market needs, and measure its product management functional performance to drive a better customer experience.


Build A Customer-Obsessed Sales Force

Software provider Atlassian prides itself on being customer-first. Explore how its relationship with Forrester has furthered that mission through improving sales onboarding and training.

Onyx CenterSource

Harness Data To Reignite Growth

Learn how Forrester’s data and research empowered Onyx CenterSource to make bold decisions and recover from the pandemic downturn.


Boost Sales Productivity To Drive Record Results

Hear from ArcBest’s Chief Sales and Customer Engagement Officer on how working with Forrester paved the way to a banner year.

Technology & Security

Learn how Forrester has helped technology and security leaders build new strategies and deliver innovative experiences for customers and employees.

Ahold Delhaize

How Ahold Delhaize Set Its Cybersecurity Metrics Strategy With Forrester’s Help

Hear how the partnership between Forrester and Ahold Delhaize’s cybersecurity team has helped the multinational grocery retailer define its key cybersecurity metrics.


Michelin’s Enterprise Architecture Org Relies On Forrester To Hit Its KPIs

Learn how Michelin’s enterprise architecture org works with Forrester to deliver the right tech for its business goals.


Lockton Partners With Forrester On Global PMO Strategy

Learn how being a Forrester Decisions client helped insurance provider Lockton create a global project management office.

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