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Powering customer-driven growth requires innovative customer and employee experiences leveraging the latest technology. Enterprise architecture, infrastructure and operations, and development teams must all be working toward a common customer-focused vision.

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How To Innovate Faster Through The Power Of Cloud

Principal analyst Bill Martorelli describes the challenges of cloud modernization.

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Technology architecture and delivery leaders must deliver on the promise of innovative experiences to drive growth. Forrester can help you address your most pressing priorities

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Michelin’s Enterprise Architecture Org Relies On Forrester To Hit Its KPIs

Learn how Michelin’s enterprise architecture org works with Forrester to deliver the right tech for its business goals.

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Go Alone To Go Quickly And Fail, Or Go Together To Go Far And Succeed

Carlos Rivera 2 hours ago
I recently published new research — Establish An Enterprise And Security Architecture Partnership To Improve Collaboration — covering the importance of fostering partnership between enterprise architecture (EA) and security architecture (SA). Initially, I set out to uncover what friction existed between the two functions. As research progressed, however, I soon discovered that the “friction” that […]

Introducing The Forrester Reference IT Capability Map

Charles Betz May 9, 2024
As an IT organization grows, it eventually hits a point where spreadsheets aren't enough to assess its capabilities. This updated IT capability map can help assess your digital and IT organization's capabilities as well as its deficits, gaps, or redundancies.

The Rise Of Application Generation Platforms

John Bratincevic May 7, 2024
AppGen platforms will integrate the steps of software analysis, development, security, testing, and delivery by providing TuringBots for both low-code and high-code development spanning every step — all while incorporating the principles of agile and DevOps along the way.

Is Your VMware Knowledge Stuck In 2010? Let’s Catch You Up!

Naveen Chhabra May 7, 2024
Broadcom has implemented unexpected changes in the wake of the VMWare deal that are disrupting and alienating technology leaders. Get up to speed on the latest changes and some recommended next steps in this post.

Meet Our Technology Analysts

Mike Gualtieri is a VP and principal analyst covering AI and digital transformation. He has more than 30 years of experience designing mission-critical applications, has authored more than 130 research reports, and is a recipient of the Forrester Courage Award for making bold calls that inspire Forrester clients to make great business and technology decisions.

Get to know Mike and learn more about the role of Forrester analysts by watching this short video.

Naveen Chhabra understands the challenges facing today’s technology architecture and delivery leaders. He’s spent seven years as a Forrester analyst developing research and insights in the cloud space. Today, one of his primary roles is helping clients navigate the challenges of managing resources and investments across multiple clouds.

Learn more about Naveen’s background and role by watching this short video.

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